What a sad win

True, but Jones played a lot more man coverage than Burke does, so it wasn't as apparent. And we sure as hell weren't giving up 30+ points per game every game.

I agree the defensive problem is a systems problem. Individually we have some great guys but they are not operating in a coordinated manner. I look forward to Boulay returning. He is the addition that would made a difference- he has the speed to help out the other guys in defensive coverage. In addition, he can blitz from the safety position. His addidion will improve the defense and open a spot for an additional american. I hope Popp is scouting the NFL camps looking for an american who can give give this team an edge in the same manner that Boulay will give them an edge.

Well on reflection, here's my take:

  1. Offence is great, only change to be made is to sit down Deslauriers and let Desriveaux take his place; I know he's small, but he has heart and desire and that's more than Deslauriers has shown us. I had hopes that Deslauriers would develop into a Fantuz (or even a Baumann), but so far, nothing. What in the world we do with Thurman when he's healthy is anyone's guess.

  2. On defence go to more man to man coverages, bump and run. Sure we'll get burned the odd time, but it's better than slow death of having our zone coverage give up long marches to the other side.

  3. Blitz more, to minimize the time the other QB has to find the open receiver when we're in man to man. Reggie Hunt was great at that when in Saskatchewan, turn him loose on some plays, Diamond Ferri on others...mix it up so they never know where it's coming from.

MadJack, I couldn't agree more!

When Montreal was a powerhouse a few years back, the Defense was one of the most feared in the league, because they'll blitz every play, at all angles with anyone. Eventually teams figured out how to beat them against the blitz, and I would say it's too risky to blitz every play, but every 3rd play or something.

I love when Ferri comes in on the blitz because he is so fearless. He'll take on anyone, at full speed. Reggie Hunt is the same, a speedy linebacker, with amazing tackling, but he is such a great cover guy, I like him covering or spying.

Nonetheless, although this team is #1 in sacks (wow, so weird), I still want to see them blitz more, and get into their heads early. Especially when your playing a QB like Ricky Ray, who doesn't much time to pick your defense apart.

Speaking of sacks, last week I read Alan Kashama was released, but he's still on the roster...Was Herb pulling things out of his behind or was he actually released?

That was just more Herb posturing. Kashama is still with the team.

And I agree with MadJack whole-heartedly about blitzing more. That's partly what I'm referring to when I say the Als need to maintain their level of aggression through 60 minutes. It seems like we start aggressive in the first half, blitz frequently, enjoy some success, and then become really passive in the second half.

I also think that utilizing a three-man front in second and long should be a crime punishable by death. It never frickin works. Yes, you have those extra guys in coverage, but three guys aren't going to get pressure on the quarterback, and without pressure, he'll stand in the pocket calmly until he sees a breakdown in coverage or a receiver finds a soft spot in the zone.

I couldn’t agree more. Calvillo has certainly played better than last year, but he can’t play in a totally pass oriented offence. He is too inaccurate with his passes, and very inaccurate when it counts.
By the way is anybody keeping count of the number of times Watkins drops sure touchdowns. I figure at least one a game. Richardson also. They make the occasional great catch, but they both have to learn how to catch when the ball accidenttaly lands in their hands.
One last point. Ever notice how many great catches Cahoon makes. Know why he does? Because he has to-AC usually throws behind him as leading a receiver is far from his strong point.

I couldn't disagree anymore.

Calvillo makes perfect passes. A lot of the completions to Cahoon, is a result of play action leaving him wide open for a nice 5 yard catch. Sure sometimes, Calvillo is off, and Cahoon makes a brilliant catch, just like how Randy Moss bails out Tom Brady, and Harrison does the same for Manning.

Calvillo has been this Offense's MVP so far.

Man, the Calvillo hate blows my mind. Is he perfect? No, not at all. But saying that he can't throw an accurate pass or that it's his receivers who constantly make him look good is just haterade. Sure, his receivers bail him out sometimes. And other times, he reads the play and puts the rock exactly where it needs to be.

Suitor was just saying in Thursday's game how Calvillo protects Cahoon often by delivering a low pass so Cahoon can catch it between the numbers and brace himself for the hit that's coming.

And Sicard, I love how you can rip Calvillo in the same post as you bash Watkins and Richardson for dropping passes. So I guess those drops are also Calvillo's fault? Give me a break.

Suitor also says it blows his mind when people debate the best Quarterback in the CFL, Calvillo is always overlooked...

A few stats after 6 games:

Calvillo has the best passer rating in the league at 108.

Among quarterbacks who have played at least 5 games, he is second only to Henry Burris in completion percentage at 67.5%.

He leads all quarterbacks in total yardage (1979), TDs thrown (16), and yards per game (329.8).

But yeah, let's bash Calvillo for some phantom inability to 'perform in the clutch'. Funny how that's not a measurable stat. Also funny how we don't talk about our absolutely brutal special teams that cost us at least two games with their inept schemes/play.

Or our defense that gave up 30 points to the worst team in the league.


Yeah and you forgot to mention that with a high average of completion %, he also has the most pass attempts in the league.

I agree.... about disagreeing.
Yes it does appear that Cahoon saves the play with great catch but many times that pass was thrown where only he can catch it. Not much point aiming for the numbers if the DB is just going to take it the other way

When saying that AC is not accurate and misses his target is also unfair. There is such a thing as throwing to a spot. The QB will throw to a specific spot on the field and the reciever is supossed to be there in "X" amount of seconds. If he is not there, ot looks like the QB missed or overthrew his target

It always amazes me how he is overlooked.
Second in total passing yards
4th in carear TDs(He can hit 2nd this year)
yet he never gets any credit