What a sad win

Offense scores 40 points.

Defense allows 30. Including huge yardage at key points in the second half, keeping Hamilton in a game they had no right to be in.

Sanchez is washed up. He can't cover anymore and gets beaten at exactly the wrong moment.

Only reason special teams weren't our downfall tonight was because Hamilton's special teams are even worse than ours. Our coverage schemes suck. Our blocking is terrible. The fact that it took Armstead screwing up to give Taylor a shot tells me Squires can't properly assess talent and needs to be fired.

I'm almost ready to say the same for Burke. Defense gives up a TD because they don't hear the play being whistled??? That's bullshit. Is this a beer league?

So we're back at .500. Yay. We beat up on the Tiger-Cats, what an accomplishment.

Another thing: how were we not having a QB spy on Williams in the second half? Time and again, he'd run up the middle on second and 10 for a first down with no Al in sight. We seem incapable of making defensive adjustments.

I fixed what you wrote. This defence is pitiful. Calvillo is performing at the highest level seen in quite some time and he has absolutely no help from his defence who cant adjust to the simplest play and against any competent offence we fall flat on our faces by giving up the huge lead that calvillo and the offence worked their asses off to get

Good assesment. Don Matthews was an observer in BC place and he saw the last Alouettes game. In fantasyland, the Don (who is good friends with Alouettes owner Wettenhall), would come back as defensive and special teams coordinator. He is a master at both. With his skills, and Trestmann's offense and overall attitude, the Alouettes could already order the rings for Grey Cup number 6.

gosh… sorry to intrude but if you think your team was bad… spare some pity on us poor long suffering ticat fans…

please… some pity would be nice
because it sure looks like we dont have the parts to get a decent win.

see i remember when you had a quarterback named sandy stephens… and your team was BAAADD but you also had great running backs like done clarke and george dixon and the incomparable prince hal and sam etcheverry

i even you your misery. truly

from a team thats 15 and 46 (I believe) and with no end in sight. a dieu.

Good heavens smokey, get a grip! Everyone pities the Ticats! But, don't forget that your ticats got Hal Patterson as a gift from the Alouettes. Also, Etcheverry and Patterson never played with Dixon and Clark. That would have been an all star team. But, it never happened.

Also, the Ticats have won as many Grey Cups as the Alouettes, Stampeders and Argonauts in the last 10 years.

PLus, your owner, is probably the RICHEST owner in the CFL.

But, everyone has pity for the Ticats... JEEZ, put the rope away, and have a few beers. Tomorrow will be better.

never said they played together... but if you cant take a compliment from another fan about some of your past greats.. ?
i didnt mention della riva.. that would have been too hard to take since i went to grade school with Pete when he was the biggest kid in grade 6 and we played tackle football on the cement at St Anns in Hamilton... probably explains why mee head hurts!
but rich owner? money cant buy wins... bud and we prove it.. dont forget theres a salary cap or doesnt it apply in la belle province
so to get back to the obvious... have the Als ever gone 16 and 45?
ps it wasnt really a gift we gave you paquette didnt we? in the end sam never reported to hamilton...and for that st louis thanks you...

As this game unfolded I thought exactly what were my thoughts in early July- are the Als that good or are the Ti Cats that bad. I do see some positive impressions. I am truly amazed with our offensive line- this is the group that were washed up last year. Trestman has been effective with the remergence of this group in a very positive sense. AC is having a great year as are Watkins, Richardson and Cahoon.

Tonight the team did play 60 minutes. Colbourne was effective in the second half. The Als can score at wittnessed by the last games. Larry Taylor looks like he has filled the kick returning game which was a huge area of concern.

On defense the team showed a good QB rush with 4 QB sacks and now lead the league in that area- last year they were second to last. Richie Williams ran around our defense and the game was filled with fumbles, interceptions and QB sacks. I agree that the team should have made some second half adjustments with this. I was thinking of the BC Grey Cup game when the BC QB ran right through the Als defense which I believe was the main factor in the Als loss.

The Als did play 60 minutes THey have an explosive offense but the defence has to be an area of concern as they yield too many points. I am not impressed with the play of Deslauriers. He does not command a presence on the offensive team. Since Desriveaux was a good backup for Cahoon THe Als might utilize him in Deslauriers place.

Glad to see Trestman finally learning that you can't just abandon the run in the second half. Surprise, surprise, we ground out the win on Cobourne's back. The man is a game-breaking talent and I want the rock in his hands as often as possible, particularly when we have the lead.

Deslauriers. Useless. Runs a five-yard pattern on second and long, takes a bad offside call that negates a big gain. I have no idea where his head's at but if I'm Trestman, I put Desriveaux in at Deslauriers's spot. Smaller receiver but twice the heart and work ethic.

Cobourne is one heck of a back for you guys, excellent. Right now, you guys are the team to beat in the east no doubt, but lots of time left.

All Herb Z. could find to say about our offense is that it was 'reasonably impressive'. Right, Herb, our offense puts up 40 points, going over 30 for the third consecutive game, and it's 'reasonably impressive'. Apparently, if you don't score 50+ a game, you just can't qualify as a top offense in this league. :roll:

Before we glorify the offence and campaign to canonize Calvillo, let's put things in perspective. Practically every time the opposition scores a major, it's guaranteed that Calvillo and the Als offence will go two-and-out, and let the other side build their momentum.
Against B.C., the offence piled up points, BUT, they helped the Lions get back in the game by failing to string together a couple of first downs (and eat up the clock) on the all-too-many occasions.They went out, ran two plays, punted and left the field before the defence had a chance to catch its breath.
AC has a lot of passing yards (great), a lot of TD passes (fantastic), but he's definitely the leading QB in the league when it comes to choking in the clutch.

Sorry, buddy, but when your offense puts up 30+ points in three consecutive games, you have no reason to rag on them. Ever think that maybe Trestman's playcalling in the late stages of the game wasn't quite up to snuff? Last night, he stuck with the run late, and it paid dividends. And but for our special-teams disasters and some terrible officiating, we could easily have won the B.C. and Sask games.

That's for sure. We are better than our record indicates. The offence looks terrific to me, from a vastly improved O-line to a rejuvenated AC to a stellar receiving corps (Deslauriers excepted) and a super running back.

But giving up 33 points to the dysfunctional Tiger-Cats gives me cause for some concern.

If we improve the defence (and I think it's scheme, not talent, that is the problem here), and beat Winnipeg and Toronto in our upcoming matches, then first place and a possible trip to the Grey Cup, at home no less, will look realistic.

I have yet to see a dominant performance from our D, nor even a competent performance from special teams. Bad signs.

I too believe that it's a scheme problem and not a personnel problem.

It has to be.....the talent is there.

Our D line is up at the top of the league in terms of sacks.

Our 3 starting LBs are Hunt, Hill, and Ferri; smallish but great talent, all three of them.

Sanchez and Estelle on the corners, backed up by Woldu and Kizer....fine in terms of talent and desire.

HBs are Cox and Drew....again, fine in terms of talent and desire.

Safety...Proulx looked good in his one start, the new guy Smith looked pretty good too, and Boulay should be on his way back.

So in terms of the talent, no tweaking necessary.......it's gotta be the scheme.

Special teams looked better yesterday, I think in Taylor we've found our returner.

And on that point, since he looks so much better and more determined than Armstead ever did, why didn't he win the job out of training camp? Cheaper price tag to boot.............

Well, I guess I have a different opinion. I don't think this game was as close as the score showed. If it were, I think the Defense would of played tighter.

I'll take a win, instead of looking for the negatives all the time, even when we win.

We're not respecting our opponents by calling this Defense useless. The Defense has it's moments, but last night I think they did do a good job, and I'm not exactly sure how Hamilton got 30 points? It seemed like a dominant performance.

But I will agree about Sanchez, I was never a fan of his, and was very upset the day we traded Reggie Durden for him.

Durden was, at the time, our best shut-down HB. Edmonton moved him to the corner, where he was a fish out of the water, and he hasn't been seen since.

Your first paragraph, Ryooon, is I think bang on accurate. We may not have as big a problem as it might appear.

But still, to give up over 30 points to a Marcel Bellefeuille offence, without Jesse Lumsden for the most of the game, and led by a backup QB is cause for some concern.

I don't think (nor have I said) that our defence is useless; the talent is sure there, we have upgraded our sack totals from last year, and I like our secondary and linebacking corps. Just something is missing, not sure what it is, exactly.

I'll say it again: a third of the season gone and our D has yet to turn in a dominant 60-minute performance. Think about this: unless our offense puts up 30+ points every game, we can't seem to win. That's not right. I'm not saying our D needs to be spectacular, it just needs to be good enough to win us a game here and there.

As for why Taylor didn't get the job straight out of training camp, I attribute it to Squires's inability to assess talent. Same goes for Hunt, who only got into the lineup because Taylor got injured; Burke isn't a good enough judge of talent or Hunt would have been starting from the get-go.

Our zone coverage is terrible, flat-out terrible. We play so soft off the ball that it's pitch and catch for any decent QB and receiver who can find the soft spots in coverage. We're okay when blitzing and playing man. It's our zone that sucks.

Also, we get really passive as the game wears on and let offenses attack us, instead of maintaining the aggression. This is where I really miss Chris Jones. He was balls to the wall from start to finish and he was a stickler for tight DB coverage.

I think last year was the same thing with the Zone Coverage.

Just like last season, Montreal's defenders were covering a little deep, so the opposing teams just ran short routes, and passed under the coverage. So the receiver catches a 4 yard pass, but the closest defender is in zone coverage, 7 yards away.

Most big plays were just a simple case of a receiver having a 8 inch height advantage over our DBs.