..What a difference a year makes....this Grey Cup contending team of last year looks like they don't even belong in the same league as their opposition in the Cup game of 07....
Ken Millers Riders are coasting along with an unblemished record while the Bombers are languishing in the basement with the power-house Cats of Hamilton.
Whats gone wrong????....we went out of our way to sign our important fas', and so far its a bust...Canada isn't playing well...likewise Goodspeed...Sheridan is amongst the missing...We should have saved the extra dough...traded Glenn (see Joseph to Argos) and let our coach go to report to another camp...
Everything has certainly come off the rails leaving us with a Daley resembling team of a few years back.
I guess Bomber fans are only entitled to sniff the Cup...go into the next year in a funk..and start their twenty year quest all over again...I ,for one have got sick and tired of that picture...Some of the fans, i'm certain,are getting as disinterested in this team as 'some' of the players seem to be...If we go into the dumper again, i'll predict right now...there'll be plenty of good season tickets available next year... and the interest in this club could get underwhelming....Something better change fast..so to start off with

We should be looking for a punt returner...what we have now is not cutting it...suggestion ...look up Stokes and pay him with Sheridans dough..if the cap was the reason we let him go in the first place

Put Reid in the back-field...Charlie seems to be slowly losing it and Fred could give us a lift in the running dept....

If things don't look any better for Dinwiddie next game...try going to a 2 qb. system by inserting Glenn..and if ol imobility is still stinking things up..I say we take a look at Randall...

Most of all get rid of that useless o.c....He's a puddin' head who should have been given his walking papers long before this...They might look at the special teams guy as well...especially if he was the one who evaluated Dominic Dorsey for us...and let him run off to the Argos...that in itself would give you an idea where this guy should be headed...yes...to the Argos. lol..

Insert Samuels into the line-up...at least some opposition receivers will start looking over their shoulder..

Just some of my thoughts after the completion of 1/3 of a crap-filled Bomber season so far in 08

Will there be better days ahead?????There's got to be because it can't get much worse?????????????? :roll:

What a mess, isn't it? Papa, I know not of even where to begin. I do think however that Dinwiddie should stay in while this club blows up.

The two things that come to mind the most for me are; one, of all the veterans that played so well earlier last year, only Doug Brown consistantly shows up game in and game out; two, the coaching staff is like the Old Boy's Club and perhaps it is best they ALL go.

Although I am angry and disappointed with this season, I have no clue of where to begin in addressing it. I am going to close my eyes, plug my ears, and check on it when it's really over, the changes that is.

Yep, the CFL has changed and we got left behind.

Berry built this team on skill and fineness and as it stands right now, we just don't have the physical or mental toughness in the lineup to compete, especially on offense.

Sorry to say folks, but until they realize that we are getting pushed around on offense and in our secondary on defense, things are going to get worse before they get better.

Remember the last 2 playoff games before the Cup? It;s the same nucleus of players with the o-line beat up. It was Cartwright and Berry that lost us they Grey Cup and they're tanking it this season.

Cartwright should be re-assigned to scouting and recruitment while Berry should be shown the door--the door to the tiger cage at the zoo.

Fire Berry,

Bring back Jeff Reinbold! Maybe Dave Ritchie, or how about Jim Daley?

Lets see how many coaching changes over the last 6 or 7 years? How many General Manager changes?

How many more Coaching changes are you guys going to accept? One, two, Three more?

I still think you guys are blaming the wrong guy. Berry > Taman.

The NFL cuts are coming and Tamn better be ready to pull the plug on theunder achievers of the Bombers. Enough said. Dad you can always put that red jersey on that I sent you.

How about Tom Higgens and you get those extra players with the stripped uni's

...I thought the zebras were only playing for the Riders this year...lol...No on Ned Flanders....he's too busy these days answering ejection questions that really shouldn't have occurred....on the other hand IF he could get those striped guys to lean a little to the BigBlue....i might consider...heh heh... :lol:

The real problem is we all got fooled by the "Grey Cup Contending Team" crap. After an 8-1 start all the other teams in the league figured out our lame offence and we went 2-7 in the second half of the year and only made it to the Cup because we acquired Bolden and because Montreal stunk and had an idiot for a coach and Toronto had an even worse offence than us. Doug Berry chose to ignore the evidence that his offence didn't work and just assumed the players played bad for most of the 2nd half of last year. So this season he kept everything the same and Presto we're 1-5

So, I ask again, how many more Coaching changes can Taman make?

A thought just popped into my head!

Taman probably hired those Coaches too! So not only can he not find talent, he can't find Coaches.

..Berry has had success...granted it was the beginning of last year...and hopefully it will return ...Why we are having problems on the team right now is what everyone is wondering??????and can't put their finger on...I believe we're gonna find out in the not too distant future...IF Doug Berry has lost the team... then agreed Taman didn't hire the right guy..orrrr'maybe' we just have the 'Joe Smith syndrome' sport, in that the team really doesn't like football (his quote)...but play it for a living????? :lol:

Well right now, you are missing three of your best players: Milt Stegall, Terence Edwards, and Barrin Simpson. That will hurt any team.

Beyond the injuries, the offense looks staid and predictable this season. Last year, you were stretching the defense every which way, Roberts was bouncing to the outside, and Glenn was making his hot reads with utter composure. This year, Cartwright is running Roberts between the tackles 90% of the time, there doesn't seem to be any variation in the passing game, and Dinwiddie doesn't have the experience (and arguably the arm strength) to either make hot reads or throw the longer out patterns wide across the field.

Daily doesn’t count, he was a left over of the Dave Ritchie era.

The only coach Taman has actually hired was Berry and Marshall.

Didn’t they play in the Grey Cup last year ?

I know you don’t like Taman Sport, but let’s at least set the record straight.

Talent isn’t a problem with this team either, it’s everything else that is right now.

The immediate solution to the Bomber's problems:

  1. Get rid of Bauer - YouTube
    2.Get rid of Coach Berry and Kit Cartwright Pesci Beatdown - Casino - YouTube


Spidey, you keep talking about firing all these coaches. Who would you hire as replacements?

Okay Piggy, I figured Ritchie was an exageration on my part. But I thought Tamans been there longer than 5 years. Berrys has only been there three and Daley one, so by my math I figured Daley was Tamans hire.