What a Rip Off!!!!....

....the highlite of the year, one of the main reasons supporting this year's season ticket purchase, arguably the apex, nay, the absolute pinnacle of the campaign, to potentially witness Maccocia prematurely dance and frolic on the sidelines of McMahon on September 4th is now in peril.....jeaprody no less....of not occuring.....damn you Hugh Campbell, your spiteful ways know no end.....I petition to what goodness in your heart remains to keep Danny the Chipmunk afloat for our amusement...then after the 4th of September skid him out the igloo hole to stop the 2-8 plummet.......

The pinnacle of the season in my estimation so far was the look on lil' Danny's face when Stegall ran that 100 yard score to win for the bombers.. idiot was already celebrating as usual, and then just kept looking up and down the field while it all slipped away, mouth slowly falling farther open.. beautiful.

But I must agree, seeing it in person... that would be the highlight of the season, without question.

I wish I had seen Machokies face when Geroy ran for that 92 yarder from 2 & 29. :smiley: :o :thup:

What about the time the Eskies were playing Sask last year and the marched down field in range for the game winning field goal?

He takes off the headset, high fives, all around, plenty of dancing and backpatting......and its blocked!!!!!!!! :lol:

Oh, that blocked FG was a beaut ... I love it when Machokea (that's a good name for him) gets surprised like that!

R&W, I would petition that Hughie wait until after the Labour Day rematch in the 'chuck to fire Machokea, so that I may see the smirk wiped off his face twice ... and so that the Stamps can get an extra win against the 'shmoes :wink:

Hey Red, if you word it right, I can garner some support for you.

I bet I could find a few dozen tree huggers to "Save a Chipmonk" :wink: if you know what I mean.

Maciocia is an idiot. Saying he helped Geroy Simon become player of the week, umm...get a life Maciocia, Simon made you guys eat turf.

That was the beauty! Yup and off course his little fairy dance will be remembered!

Well if he does get turfed the Eskies could always use him as one of those zipper head mascots! :lol:

Yeah! Ha, ha, ha...and the time last year when he sipped champagne from the CUp while the Bird-Man told your boys that it's okay to be a loser....yeah what a loser.... Those are some great laughs!:roll:

The way you guys talk, your venerable leader should win the Cup every year!? God forbid a young head coach go through growing pains...and still be a Grey Cup champ...say it again for me. :wink:

Actually, with all of these comments that Maciocia looks like a chipmunk, I have a perfect job placement for him after he gets turfed by the Eskies...

He resurfaces in Regina to become the next guy in the Gainer suit. :lol:

I dont mind if I do!

But can you say Grey Cup Champ...idiot.

yes I can say Grey Cup Champ idiot!

Always had a problem with aluminium

a 'grey cup champ idiot"…would that be Maciocia?

NO wait!

I can say aluminum... Its worcestershire I have a problem with

"But we are no longer the Knights who say, 'Ni!' We are now the Knights who say, 'Ekky ekky ekky, wop bang zip!... Ni!'"

Ahh, yes. The summer, fall, and winter cries of a pack of losers. Never gets old, either.

Of course not, Moses. Knowledgable fans will never grow old of saying to the losers from the Albertan captial, “2-5!” :lol:

well ya did win twice so you dont need to call yourself a loser.

wait 2-5! go ahead!