What a night! Thank you everybody!!

Friday night I attended the Tiger-Cats--Lions game. I hadn't been to a game at Ivor Wynne in ages. I confess I really do not know the city well or its people. But Friday night was a blast for me. You all made it so enjoyable.

The truth of the matter is that I had lived in Toronto for about 25 years. I got married in 2000 and moved to the Newmarket area. I had been to a number of games at Rogers Centre/SkyDome. I enjoy the CFL and support it. But the truth is I never really felt excited about the Argos. I did try to make it my team but I always felt so detached. I didn't feel part of it. Something was missing. It was like the whole football experience down at the Dome was impersonal. That might be an odd way of putting it. But I guess in the long run I just didn't really feel connected to the Double Blue and that had been disappointing.

I guess I always felt an admiration for the Tiger-Cats and especially their fans. It was almost like envy--I noticed that their fans really got into it. They seemed to have that kind of connection I was missing with the Argos. So I decided to turn my attention on the Tiger-Cats and what better way to kick off getting to know them than by going to Ivor Wynne for a game.

What can I say? I found the people friendly, willing to help me (from getting lost!) and generally very approachable. I didn't sense any attitude that said, "I like me--who do you like?" I felt so comfortable Friday evening. I grew up in a small town of 1500 people. What I found at the stadium was not only a fun, exciting football team but fans that were fun to be around. I didn't feel like a stranger. I felt at home and I loved that feeling. It makes me want to come back!

I guarantee you that I will return and soon. Thanks Hamilton for a great night. I have finally found a football team that I feel connected to and that includes the other fans.

GO CATS GO! You've got me! :thup: :rockin:


If you're a football enthusiast, you've picked the right team. Many players, coaches and analysts have said that Hamilton fans are the most knowledgeable in the CFL. A few things to remember about being a Ti-Cat fan;

-We hate the Argos (obviously)
-Labour Day is almost as important as the Grey Cup
-We LOVE the D!!
-We, as Hamiltonians, love hard work and appreciate watching it.
-Angelo Mosca may as well be god, even if you never saw him play a down of football



Here here

For a great example of connection, just compare the number of posts on this site to other teams' sites. I love this, especially the game threads because I live in NB and can't make it to the games. Having the chat site up while watching the game on TV is almost like sitting in the stands and getting the feedback and opinions of other fans on each play. Ticat fans are the most connected of any CFL team.
Congrats to the whole organization for a great effort last night.

Welcome and this is just the start I hope in the next two years that it will get to the point like Bob says that EVERY game is sold out like in Montreal hey after the 5 year plan its finally coming around :thup:

Thanks for the warm welcome. I sincerely appreciate it.

The sun shone on us for a few spells and the rain failed to appear to put a damper on things. I'd love to see sell-outs too. That would make it all the more electrifying for the Cats and the crowd itself.

When I got home I had such a sense of satisfaction. But I could not help but wonder one thing: Why did it take me so long to wake up and join this party?! Man, I'd been sleeping. I only wish I had had the sense to have done this years ago.

Unless football fans of the other teams make a pit stop in Hamilton they're not going to get it--what's really in Hamilton. They have to experience it like I did and I am grateful for that.

Like I said, thanks.

Michael :smiley:

Was that GOD, or MOSES that he was acting out?? Great tongue in cheek, Ang!!!

And yes, Welcome to the Hammer, what a great "report".... It starts with one game :wink: :wink: :wink:


Without a doubt Ivor Wynne is the best football experience in Canada hands down though we're all more than a little biased. I've been going since the mid seventies and it's always a great experience. The $2.50 tickets in the old West Endzone metal bleachers we're the BEST when I was a kid and then running on the field after every game. Now it's great to just soak up the whole Football atmosphere, looking most forward to the games in the Fall.

The closest that I've found to the Hamilton experience is in Regina, tons of fun. Ottawa was good as well one of the prettiest parks and surroundings, hopefully they'll be back soon.

I've done half the CFL parks and a couple of NFL ones but Hamilton's always the best.

What I don't understand is how some people born and raised in Hamilton don't get into the TiCats and going to the stadium. I'm talking here sports fans who worship the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB but won't get into the Cats and the CFL. It completely dumbfounds me these people that I've met like this.

Amen to that. I'm a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and I love the NFL but why would I not want to watch any other football? I really don't understand the whole NFL snobbery thing. The CFL is a blast and CIS game are tremendous as well, if you haven't been to a McMaster game go this fall. The calibre of each league is different but who cares? If you love a sport participate in it or watch it wherever you can find it.

Congrats on surviving Cancer Michael Jay!!! Glad you caught the feeling we all have :rockin:


I could not agree more with the comments re. Tiger-Cats fans. My lovely wife has satated, "Being a Tiger-Cat fan is a disease". I told her she was correct and there is no cure.

Thank GOD !!! :thup: :rockin: :lol: :smiley:

Drinking champagne in November is a good "treatment." :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Been a while! :wink:

Thanks Ti-Guy77 for the congrats. I've been cancer free since October 16, 2000. It took three operations to get it all but my surgeons nailed it. How's this for towing the line?...my wife and I had to plead with my oncologist at PMH to allow us the time to get married and have a two week honeymoon. After much pleading they finally agreed to our plans but on one condition--as soon as our honeymoon was over I had to surrender myself to the knife the very next morning. They hadn't been fooling around. They had not wanted to wait at all as the cancer had begun to spread in my lymph node system.

Not to focus on cancer here but one more comment--here is an example of how valuable MRI's can be: My oncologist had been convinced that the cancer had spread to my liver. A CAT-scan had shown four dark spots that seemed to be tumors. So for a while my wife and I had to come to terms that I was in the fourth and final stage of medullary thyroid cancer--and dying. But after a MRI was done on my liver it was determined that those spots were not tumors but bundles of vascular material that mimicked tumors. Doctors make mistakes. Mine did. I don't hold it against him but that had been a wild rollercoaster ride!

Anyway about the seats at Ivor Wynne I found out the "hard" way why some folks bring seat cushions with them. Trust me, I am bringing mine next time. I bought a Ti-Cat jersey this afternoon. I had to slip into Toronto to attend to some business. Boy I tell you...it sure felt good to strut around with those colours today in the land of the Double Blue! :thup:

I do not follow the NFL and as I earlier stated I am not anti-NFL at all. I simply prefer the Canadian game, the smaller stadiums and the fact that the players for the most part are approachable, personable, and the fans are generally a down to earth bunch. I relate to a working stiff as opposed to a multi-millionaire. It's the total package with me.

I will hand it to the NFL in that it certainly knows how to market its game and yet I get annoyed with all the razzle dazzle and hoopla associated with that league. Gee, I don't know--I guess we all have our own preferences.

When I was 14 years old the biggest thrill for me when it comes to meeting a professional athlete was the time I met Terry Evanshen after an Alouette--Argo game at the old CNE Stadium. He had been my hero back then. Nothing could have excited me more. He will always have a spot in my heart. When I wrote him for an autograph back then he sent me an album featuring the history of the Montreal Alouettes and wrote a personal note to me. I loved that kind of 'connection'. I wonder if an NFL'er would do that for a young fan today?

Mmmmmmmmmmm…just wondering–when it comes to illness does a Ti-Cat fan ever get over being sick of the Argos? :roll: (Bet I can guess the answer to that one! :smiley: )

Just wanted to give a big shout out THANK YOU to the 20,000 + who were at the BC game this past Friday evening. I attended my first game in 5 years and likely won't be able to attend anymore as I live abroad. The atmosphere was intense, the team was amazing.

Just sitting there and taking part in a "BC SUCKS", go round with endzone fans, if only it'd been the argos. This is why our stadium is the best in the league to sit and watch a game.

I'll continue to follow the team daily on the site, but having the chance to see them at Ivor Wynne again, well, it was truly amazing, and in no small part due to the other Cat fans there.