What a mind game

As a Ottawa REDBLACK fanatic I CANNOT CANNOT!!! believe the lack of confidence the Hamilton ticats media and fans have in there team. I live in GTA and pickup Hamilton’s radio stations and it’s constantly talking about Brandon Banks injury and they don’t have a chance.
Every team has injuries and your depth would get u through this.i think it’s a reverse psychology thing where it covers there ass incase they lose…they will say if we had Banks we would have won.
Bottom line…anybody can beat anybody and is not hands down winning this division. Two Ottawa losses and 2 Hamilton wins and watch how Hamilton fans will hop on the bandwagon again.
Hope my Redblacks win but I AM NOT TAKING FIRST FOR GRANTED

I think you nailed it.
They are just getting the excuses ready just incase and they never run out of them.
Will probably get the trio of them if they lose Injuries, Refs, and Coaches.
But with every win they are hoisting the Grey-Cup so it balances itself :wink:

I’m a Ticats fan and I think they can win without Banks.

Also I never hoist any cup until my team wins it. So I haven’t hoisted anything in a long time. ?

…yeah, pretty sketchy to whitewash the entire fan base with a general statement like the op…maybe that’s the trend but I’m sure not everyone is thinking that way…

There is a lot of pressure for Bob Young to get his team a Grey Cup victory and maybe a bit of paranoia is creeping in. But I’m sure the players and coaching staff themselves believe they can do it despite the odds agains’t this with a very depleted receiving corp. But yes, other teams also have to overcome injuries, you never know.

I think Bob Young has been really fantastic for the 'Cats and the League, but it saddens me that despite his obvious great efforts to win a championship it has so far eluded him. I mean he’s brought in great players and coaches, but luck just hasn’t gone their way.

What!!! Are u serious!!! You think he didn’t know about Art Briles(spelling)…past…how quick we forget( now that’s sad)

The Hamilton fanbase has had its hopes raised multiple time but has seen them consistently dashed. It is hard for them to actually imagine the Cats winning it all.

Though nowhere near as long as the droughts of the Red Sox, Cubs etc. in baseball, the feeling of being a perpetual and inevitable loser can set it. I think that happened to the Cats fans with the one Cup appearance loss followed by the Collaros injury the next year that collapsed what looked like an inevitable cup appearance and good shot at a win.
That was the final straw.

The air seemed to go out of the fans and a Charlie Brown complex set it.

Is any of this replicated in Winnipeg with their drought?

Aha !!! So that's it , that's why Charlie Brown is wearing a Black "n" Gold shirt !!!. That explains it . :o Thanks Mark . Maybe we should just change our name to the Hamilton Charlie Brown-Cats . :smiley:

and now for today's poem.....

Yup , yes siree . So just like it's hard to imagine old Chuck ever kicking that ball ? It's even harder to imagine with each passing year our Cats actually winning it all. ??? :cry:

…I never saw that connection, too funny…

…and Lucy’s wearing an Argonaut-blue dress. Hmm . . .

Thank you for picking it up Bobo!

rep..lic..a..ted drought Winnipeg

Hell, you guys are annual champs compared to us. ;D

Thanks once again for some laughs , Bobo. You're the funniest poster here ! ;D

At least Chuck gets a chance to kick the ball, the Bombers are at home hugging their blankets.

Umm.... Bombers are playing as the #1 team at the right time. Meanwhile Hamilton folds like a wet Kleenex again.

As I said about the real Ticat fan mindset, here's a post from the Ticat board after tonight's game one fan: "Its ground hog day every season with this team. I have never seen a team so unable to rise to the occasion like the Tiger Cats. Ottawa has been in the league 5 years and have finished first and won the Grey cup. Meanwhile in Hamilton we have a Steam Whistle, a big bar and fans that come and don't watch the game, and a consistent sub par product on the field."

It's not just missing Banks. Jones offense is based on having receivers like Banks, Saunders, and Williams who are able to stretch the field. And where are all of those receivers? - done for the season - to say nothing of Toliver being out with an concussion and Chambers being out for the season. The only other team that has been THAT ravaged by injury at one position is Calgary and we know how great they've looked lately trying to work new receivers in to the lineup with little preparation. It's not an excuse - it's their current reality and it isn't pretty. How well would Harris be playing with Sinopli, Ellingson, Spencer AND RJ out of his lineup? Doubt that the Ottawa offense would be clicking on all cylinders either.

Oh and BTW, the Masoli/Banks combo was the MOST prolific int eh league this season. That's a lot of production lost. I doubt any Ticats fan is going to pin the loss on the absence of one player. On the absence of a complete starting receiving corps?- maybe.

Thread calling out another fanbase from a fan of a team in their 5th year that has done the following :

3 Division Championships
2 Grey Cup Appearances
1 Grey Cup Championship

Wouldn’t expect you to understand the Hamilton fanbase or Hamilton media bud.

I somewhat agree with you…but you said with all those receivers out “it’s not an excuse” ?..so if it’s not an excuse don’t bring up the subject…
As for Redblacks could have had that many injuries? Whata shoulda coulda …it is what is…GOOD TEAMS SHOULD HAVE DEPTH

…I don’t think it’s a question of depth though, all teams seem to be capable of inserting qualified players into positions left vacant by injury…it’s more that the ‘next man up’ process doesn’t leave a lot of time for players to connect and get on the same page, especially between QBs and receivers who often need consistent time playing together to get that shared sense of what the other is going to do at any given time…

Exactly !.. AND the other team does not have to worry about a guy like Banks anymore. No scheming, no double coverage…

So you're telling me that if your beloved REDBLACKS had Ellingson , Sinopoli , Spencer and RJ Harris all out of action on the IL that Ottawa would have the depth to still compete ? LOL . Seriously , give yer head a shake on that one buddy . Before you reply , I've already checked out the RB's roster and with what you would have left to field as starting receivers in depth ? Ya , good luck with that one .