What a Joke!!

First our offense coach must be gone...everyone above grade 7 football knows that you never...never...never go up the middle with 1 or 2 yards to go...the whole park knows what you are doing...what a 60's throwback. Our defense would be OK if they could wrap up the runners?? I guess there was no other quarterback dressed to be sent in instead of this mistake??? Never at THF as long as this nonsense keeps going on...and I was looking forward to Labour Bay ...Oh well there is a western game!

I tend to agree with your emotions.

We are only kidding ourselves that C J offers a running game, all on his lonesome, our backs are used as blockers to support a "hero" QB (much as our HQ/GM etc grew up?), and that's somewhat easier to defend against.

Okay, our second week with our face in the mud.

Next week, we've got the Larks, who are apparently down three recievers, making them want to run the ball, and are pretty strong on the D Line and such, and are at home.

Away games are always tougher to come out with a win, and we've just crashed and burned with two home games.

You might need to wonder "What's Next?"

Do we get stuck with "Andre Proulx" as a referee, that seems to call games against us, or just what?

creeker: I agree with everything except your last line.
Andre Proulx made some good calls against Winnipeg…especially in the second half. But in any event blaming the refs for a loss is for losers. When you give the ball away 6 times, you don’t deserve to win.

OC not even calling plays yet its Kent calling the game OC is still learning.

This was a frustrating game but to all the critics blaming Masoli.....do you not remember how bad it was with Mathews and Harris? Masoli is has not started a lot of games and if we're to survive somewhat until Collaros is playing again, then in game experience is important. Flipping quarterbacks to hope the next guy (with even less reps) can pull it off is wishful thinking. All we need is 3rd place to get into the playoffs...not ideal but let's relax a bit. :smiley:
Yes Masoli did have some brain fart's last night, but he didn't get stripped of the ball early(Tasker) and he didn't let a kick off bounce so a Bomber player could grab it and he didn't miss a sure touchdown catch(Underwood). The offensive line was not the best either...couldn't handle the continuous blitzing and CJ was not picking up his blocks or there were more rushers than blockers. Not all on Masoli.
This was a learning experience for him...if he continues this way for another couple of games then replace him.

I wish there was a board for fairweather fans to post amongst each other. I'm so sick of the posts calling to fire the coaches 3 games in.. not to mention our brand new OC.. 2 months on the job. As for QB situation.. putting Mathews in will not help. He does not release the ball. He hold it too long, and when he does throw it, he always gets his routes mixed up and makes bad throws. Not a good QB. Its time to get CJ more involved in the offense. 6 touches is not going to help a RB ever. I want them to go back to the Guelph playbook where we were giving CJ the ball on screens and he was busting for 10, 20, 30 yards. That is where he is most effective. He is big, strong, and shifty.

:thup: :thup:

Great post Dogs. I hate the whining on this board.

Defense has played great in my opinion. They have been on the field alot and have held them in every game.
Maher will be fine has a strong leg and is young , will be a great kicker

This is a learning experience for Masoli and right now gives them the best chance to win. Have to get Cj involved screen passes use the option with Masoli and it was quite successful in the EDSF.

If we can be 500 when Collaros is back we will be in great shape.

OK fair weather fans... take a chill pill. That game had more than its fair share of mental mistakes (dropped TD, recovered kickoff, etc). We didn't deserve to win with 6 turnovers.

Another typical slow start for the Cats in 2016. As we all know this team gets better as the season goes on and we have plenty of reasons to believe the same will happen this year. Lots of new talent, players coming back from injury in the next month. Offense will be better, defense will be better.

My concern last night was the O-line. Pete got beat a few times. They created only a few holes for Gable.

As far as C.J. goes, if he gets a hole he has the potential for huge plays. He is just not involved enough and you can't ask him to be a one dimensional rush blocker.

That game was a heck of a lot more fun to watch than last week. Pretty exciting down to the last fumble.

We will be better. Count on it.

Is Ham officially the worst team in the league now. :frowning:

...Great point...the turnovers...clean them up and likely we would be good !

Didn't know that...then Austin should know better...thanks for the heads up !

"Chill Pill??"...really...haven't heard that since the 70's....but you are right that they will improve and with 6 turnovers that alone can be fixed easily.

So we lost a close game. Disappointing. But it's happened before and it will happen again.

I think we'll have a pretty good season. Let's not forget, it's 18 games long. I'm not convinced we'll make it to the GC game, but I remain hopeful.

Some complainers say they find the last two losses "unacceptable". What does their non -acceptance mean?

Does it mean they will boycott future games? One person indicated he was probably not going to attend Labour Day. That was before the latest loss. I guess he's not going now for sure.

Does it mean they will stop posting here? Doesn't seem so.

Does it mean they will hold their breath until they turn blue? I don't recommend it.

Does it mean anything?

It could be awhile still before we see Zach back if he gets the okay to start practicing soon, some fans have said by Labour Day or just before in August you'll see his return?

If that's the case he will still need time to shake the rust off as most QB's do require when coming back after an ACL injury and surgery, so we can be in a roller coaster ride of losses and wins over the next two months.

I guess the good news as some have pointed out, it's the CFL and we can still make the playoffs with a third place or under 500 record, let's hope we get more wins this year but if we didn't we could still fight our way back come Oct/Nov.

Hopefully the QB and better protection situation by our O-Line will improve soon.

Let's see how we do in Montreal??


Been away since Friday, so just catching up on the post. The advantage to that is I am now a little more rational than on Friday? :smiley:

Have to admit that my bromance with Masoli is fading a bit, but still think he is our best option. I am surprised that the coaching staff have not been working on his mechanics to improve those "too high", "too low", "behind the receiver" throws? Many tend to be caught, but it usually exposes the receiver to heavy hits, or disrupts the route and takes away any chance for "YAC yards". His fumbles are a concern, I don't know why Austin doesn't use one of the taller back-up QBs for those short yards and plunges. I think Masoli tries to stretch out with the ball and gets it stripped. Tasker and Owens have the same tendency, but Owens has improved that tremendously in the past couple of years. Short guys trying to compensate? :slight_smile:

Also agree that some of the play calls were odd. If Austin wants to do the big yardage plays, he needs to go and get a big yardage receiver. Not so sure Underwood is reliable enough to be the primary long yardage receiver just yet? Fantuz, Owens, and Tasker, for me, are all short yardage possession guys. Nothing wrong with that, but why not use it? Throwing an incomplete bomb on 2nd and 3 just forces a punt. And they are usually sideline routes, so the margin for error in the toss is halved.

I can't agree with defence on the field too long comments in some threads. They were gassed in the first quarter, after about a 7 minutes of BB possession before and after Speedy B's return for the TD. If you are gassed at the start of the game, you just are not training hard enough. And I am still concerned that wide sweeps and quick passes over the middle are causing us fits. Maybe not for big yardage, but certainly to sustain possession and move down the field. I may be lousy at math, but 10 five yard plays still equals one 50 yard bomb, and they burn up a lot more daylight.

One bad game and one so-so game, both at home, and we are slipping into the basement. Early in the season, maybe, but a deep hole can quickly turn into a rut. I think we have the ability to make the play-offs, probably no cross-over from Sask or The Peg, but we have to soon get back to .500, or work this as a re-tooling year?

What is with Spencer Watt???


OWENS, C----- 5---- 92--- 1---- 18.4- 34
FANTUZ, A----- 7---- 89--- 1---- 12.7- 32
BANKS, B------ 3---- 41--- 0---- 13.7- 20
WATT, S-------- 0---- 0----- 0----- 0-------0
WOODSON, --- 1---- 2---- 0---- 2----- 2
UNDERWOOD,- 4---- 40-- 0---- 10--- 13
GABLE, CJ-------- 1---- 12-- 0---- 12--- 12
TASKER, L------- 8----- 91-- 0---- 11.4-- 20

So far he's been the Ti-Cats version of the INVISIBLE MAN !!! :o :? 3 gp 1 rec 16 yds

Whatever became of Adrian Tracy?? I wouldn't mind getting a look-see from bad boy Delano Johnson this week.

I don't think they've thrown the ball to Spencer Watt more than once. He's the Invisible Man - but I don't think that's his fault. It certainly seem strange. You'd figure he'd have had time to get familiar with Masoli etc.