What a joke......

As I said before the HC and OC are not the right fit for this team. They don't get it. I blame this mess on upper management taking all that time hiring a new HC. We need a change immediately before it's too late then again it could be. Popp do something. The league now has a read on our defense because they're always on the field. I've seen better offensive schemes from high school teams ..........

No due diligence will always bite you in the end. We waited literally months to hire the HC and then our owner just gave the job to a guy who'd been out of the game for 7 years based on a gut feeling. We should have hired our HC months before we did. Now we're stuck with what we have and we can't fix it, because we're still paying Hawkins to sit on his a$$ at home.

yep, pretty pathetic isn't it ?

As MadJack said in another thread, the light at the end of the tunnel is a long way off. So many problems on this team that need fixing and there is no quick fix available. Best we can hope for is to scratch our way into the playoffs based solely on the general weakness of the east this season and then reassess at season's end. Popp, at least, has his contract extension, so there should be no ambiguity about the hiring process this time around. But I will be severely displeased if Higgins keeps his job past 2014...

I go back a long ways and I can`t remember a more pitiful offensive performance than last night. Even in the Bubba Marriot, Warren Rabb, George Bork days.

Smith and Marsh are not the answer, we are only fooling ourselves if we think so. Give a shot to Brink and start to work in Crompton. And if theyre not the answer keep looking. This is a lost season so we have to at least find a QB. Otherwise well be going through the same process next season. Everything starts with having a competent QB.

Cant see how players used to Trestman can have any respect for Higgins. Hes the good citizen the Wetenhalls wanted, but in way over his head as a coach. Which likely means another off-season coaching search.

The Wetenhalls have disrespected the normal GM/Head Coach/Assistant Coach hiring process and this is what they have ended up with.

And dont know if its schemes or the receivers themselves, but how is it that you never see an Alouette receiver remotely open?

I think it's a combination of scheme (on Dinwiddie), positional training (on Erik Campbell), and Smith frequently not making his reads and finding the receiver who IS open. He just has no eye for the field post-snap.

We regularly got our a**es whooped at BC Place when Trestman was coach, so sadly I’m not sure management will feel any pressure after this.

However, this fan is getting more than annoyed with the annual televised bowel movement the Als call a road game at BC Place. I’m likely to pass on the game next year, or start taking anger management classes in anticipation.

In fairness to Trestman, once at BC Place we were actually jobbed out of a win by the officials. No one remembers the infamous "let's stop the play, then not blow the play in TWICE" screwjob when Avon Cobourne was our running back? We actually should have won that game...

Yes I recall that one, but I was thinking more of the 43-10 laugher in 2012 and the 43-1 stinker in 2011.

Hey, why not give a name to this annual farce? the CFL already has the Banjo Bowl, we could call it the Toilet Bowl?

Wait, that can't be right, because in one of those years (2011 or 2012) we actually won, albeit at Empire Field. I think it was 2011. One of those blowouts, IIRC, actually came at Molson Stadium, in our own ballpark, not in BC.

I like the Toilet Bowl as the name for this annual travesty.

Yes indeed.

I remember, while under Matthews, the Als tried a two point conversion then, lost the game against BC.

We won in 2010 at Empire temp fields

Yep. just checked the Als site and that's right. We opened that year with three games on the road because of the added seats at Molson Stadium.

speaking of jokes. goalsgo.com looks like it's on life support.

I haven't visited that place in years. It was a ghost town even way back when, as I remember it.