I can not believe this topic has not been made yet! LOL

Jonta Woodard is an absolute amateur out there, almost all if not all our O-Line penalties were called on him. We cut Cavka over this guy, if he is not getting burned by DE's he is Holding them, Heck he damn near tackles guys out there! And when he is not playing team pylon or offensive tackle dummy he is jumping and getting procedure calls left and right.

And don't get me started on why we didn't start JoJo tonight! We sit our best receiver instead of an over-rated, under achieving, Scott Mitchell and Pat "Mr 1 Catch a game" Woodcock.

I give up! Is it to much to ask for to have a team with coaches who know their A$$ from their Elbow!

Sorry about my little rant everyone, I'm usually a positive poster on here but I have had enough of all these dumb coaching decisions and terrible players that get to start over guys who work their A$$es off and get a seat on the bench in return.

Woodcock played because of ratio reasons. Woodard is a pylon, at best. No comment on JoJo, maybe he pi$$ed off the wrong guy?

At least there is starting to be consensus in the fan base that Taffe and his croonies need to go. That's a first step.

I'm not as mad with Woodcock starting because he at least made plays but Mitchell has done nothing but get covered and run up and down the field. He has had 1 good game but drops at least 1 pass a game and he gets the start over JoJo who has been lights out for the past 3+ games.

That comes as no surprise with this coaching staff. They have difficulty recognizing talent and when they do they have even more difficulty figuring out how to utilize it.

Dyakowski is a natural tackle, most noticeably during his run at LSU. It baffles me how Woodard can continue to start the way his play has eroded. Ratio issues are a red herring when there is a non-import option to address a glaring import weakness on the LOS at least until a suitable import replacement can be found via scouting.

Did Woodard get benched for one play after his second illegal procedure flag? Seriously doubt it. Symptomatic of the catatonia that is Mr. Morgantown at this stage of the season.

There is little accountability for what goes on between the lines...will there be accountability for what happens under a headset? Ought to be an interesting week.

Oski Wee Wee,

That would be a good idea if we put Dyakowski at tackle and then Jordan Rempel could step in to Peter's guard spot and hopefully that would help with the Woodard situation and it would also help with the Canadian/American ratio.

Another possibility would be J.P. Bekasiak coming in to start at Tackle and Dyakowski in his Guard spot with Rempel as a back-up. Then we can cut Woodard and make a spot for an American Tackle with actual talent!

Yep, you said it. I just posted my own little tirade, but that was about coaching.
Why on earth those two O. tackles are still in this league is beyond me.
We have a FAB QB , but hes got the happiest feet in the league.He has to , because those D-lineman relentlessly coming around our tackles are a threat to his survival. How long before Casey goes down, like Maas did and D.Mac. before him...all behind hopeless lines. We must lead the league by a mile in HURRIES.This is whats killing our passing game.
I really hope Obie has something lined up from the NFL cuts for these positions...itll be a long, ugly season if this keeps up. As for the receivers,weve got too much inexperience there. Tony Miles was a real help tonight, but we need another bona-fide CFL vet
... big speed and savvy...to relieve some pressure on #2 ( and #1) and give the rookies time to find their way.
Of course, whats the point of any of this when we put it all in Charlie & Co.s hands ?

I thought it was a big positive that Casey made some connections with Tony Miles. I don't know why Woodcock doesn't get more throws. Sure he's not an elite sort of veteran, but he's at least a veteran, another guy to help Bauman, Walker, and Rodriguez. If only the Ticats could juggle the ratio and the roster to have that group of 5 starting consistently, I think you guys could have a respectable recieving corp in the second half of the season for the 4 and 5 reciever sets. But it'd have to be the same group starting each game for the young guys to really develop and gel around Casey's game.

I liked the idea of platooning the RBs tonight though. If Hamilton sticks with the run for 4 quarters, it'd be phenomenal to alternate Caulley and Lumsden and thereby have a somewhat 'fresh' and ready to go RB each quarter.

He is not the type of person to piss a coach of by words or attitude. So that alone shouldnt be brought up. And the person you guys think sat JoJo wasnt that person at all.

The only JOKE I can see is not letting the head coach coach and players play.

Now please read that last statement and you will get the hidden point im trying to make.

Its more to the story that meets the eyes.

I think you should have the 'Riddler' as your icon..
why don't you just tell us the'hidden' point..

trust me! bad as I want to I would.
But somethings I cant really say at this point.