What A Joke

Why are we still using a quarterback who is ineffective.I thought we were auditioning for next year.
Why are we paying 2 back up Q.B.s to stand on the sidelines doing nothing.They should be playing right now when we have nothing to lose.
I believe Lancaster is trying to have Maas killed.He’s played 2 good games all year and we continue to keep him in the game untill he is injured.
Mr.Lancaster I have total respect for you but your thought process this year stinks.

Lancaster did the same thing with Danny Mac..kept him in when he was throwing 3-4-5 pic's,and down by 20-30 points..I don't understand why he does that!

He's a former QB and as such has never bought into the fact that the position is part of a team game and that the starter is NEVER removed. QB's are generally morons when it comes to being substituted much the same as goalies in hockey.

Ron has no use for backup QBs, never has, thats why he cant develope a young QB. How long do Cat fans have to watch this no brainer football.

Boy turbo you seem to know everything there is to know about Quarterbacking in the CFL ???

He sure made a good point about why Ron as an ex-QB
is reluctant to sit his first string QB, habman.

but I still say, at this point in time, our new GM Marcel Desjardin

would be telling any interim Head coach to play Jason Maas
so that he can decide whether to look for a new starting QB.

or he wouldn't continually be kept in games
when he can't get the ball in the End Zone.

Jason has been ineffective every single week except for two.How are we going to decide on a 2nd and 3rd string Q.B. if they dont play?
When was the last time we developed a star Q.B.?
I hope who ever our new coach is likes to develope players instead of bringing new players every single year.

8) I would think for sure that after watching last nights debacle, and another totally inept quarterbacking display, that Mr. Desjardin does not need any more confirmation that we need a new starting QB for this team !!!!!!! :oops:

Maas was inept again. Now that we are mathematically done, start playing Williams and Eakin.
Is Hamilton , the place where QB's go to die ????

Perhaps management is trying to avoid a quarterback controversy.

After all, wouldn't one develop if Williams was to start and lead the Cats to a win with 450 Yds in passing and 4 TD passes?

:D :D :D

actually, then maybe the controversy would be over?

Totally Agree!
I have respected you Mr. Lancaster for so long but I do question your sense of judgment on this joker, Maas.
Just a big bag of ohh-ohh's here.
(I haven't read to many other posts today because I have to help my wife make cookies)
But, what about Maas for Buck Pierce if you can't/won't play Eakin or Williams?
They're both injured,BC will need a proven (ha,ha,ha)er, well, you know what I mean another QB for Dickenson....do you think he'll be back?
Hell, throw in Ralph.

([i]I haven't read to many other posts today because I have to help my wife make cookies [/i])
If they are oatmeal or peanut butter, please "private message" me and I'll give you my address so you can "Purolater" some to me..... :P

Hope everyone is well...I really miss posting with you guys on a regular basis....

yeah, the outcome really s-ucked last night but life goes on.....we'll be mucho, mucho better next year...

Go Cats Go!....we love 'em anyhow and forever!

I completely agree with you Turbo. Generally, I defend Ron Lancaster, but his reluctance to change quarterbacks when his starter isn't getting the job done has pissed me off for years.
I don't know that I would refer to quarterbacks as morons for not wanting to be pulled but I would certainly call them selfish.
When Maas was in Edmonton, however, the media acclaimed Maas as being a real team guy who would do anything for a win, including giving his undying support to Ricky Ray as the starter. I believe the media was correct in this assessment as Ray and Maas remain good friends to this day.
I think the responsibility here lies completely with Ron Lancaster for failing to use his backups and as mentioned, this is likely Lancaster greatest shortcoming.

Who would you suggest we put in Freakin Eakin NO WAY !!! been there done that. He should be gone as well!!! Give Williams a shot and see but Eakin is a 2 game wonder from last year and has shown nothing this year except he can’t throw!!! As for D Mac he is not coming back to th TiCats anytime soon as he signed a 2 year contract and is grooming for QB coach!!!

why not give Williams a shot we have nothing to lose..
Whats the use of keeping Maas in,he is inefective.........

I’d give both Eakin and Williams a game each as starters. Absolutely zip to lose at this point.

An Argo fan

I hate agreeing with Argo fans

I agree it is Lancaster's biggest fault.

I have a lot respect for Ron. He is well regarded by the players, or at least he was a few years ago. I remember returning on the Via rail trip from Montreal once, and hearing Archie Amerson telling everyone what a great coach Ron was.

However, when it comes to giving a second string QB a chance to play, I can't agree with Lancaster. I am surprised that any self respecting rookie QB will even sign with the team , knowing that they'll be on the sidelines holding the clipboard every game. Maybe that's why we haven't managed to sign any good ones?