What a joke the Bombers are

Even at halftime, leading 15-0, I KNEW they’d find a way to screw it up and lose.

Just a pathetic effort by the Bombers against the Argos tonight.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost the rest of the games this season… I can’t even remember the last time the Bombers looked good in a game.

What a joke this team is…

nah...your team isn't a joke...my team is a joke, tonight was just some bad luck by a coaching error, the bombers will bounce back...

It's not "bad luck".

The Bombers truly are a horrendous football club in my opinion.

It's times like this I'm glad I'm not a die hard Bomber fan.

Hey Jets if your not a fan maybe you should get off the forum. I have had Season tickets for a couple of years and have survivied the Reinebold years and still back the blue. If you have nothing good to say go back to watching jets highlights :twisted:

The Jets had plays that made the highlights?

I think that 1 game they beat the Sharks that year it was on tsn :o

The thing that really is killing this team is when the D has a turn over the O gives it right back. This is very deflating for the Defence. I think the team is going to start getting diveded in the locker room as fingers start to get pointed.

I think that 1 game they beat the Sharks that year it was on tsn :o

The bombers aren't a joke. Its the whole CFL. Who wants to pay good money to see a CFL team when you dont know if the teams that show up are actually going to play. There have been a lot of STINKING GAMES played this year. You might as well gamble your money at the casinos. At least there if you win you get some money back.

Love those Cats

This is a very good point, however I dont think that we are to that point just yet. Every team has injuries and we have had more to critical players than most teams this year, the players know this, once we get healthy we better start winning or we could be headed down that slippery slope.

Actually, what I saw in the first half gave me a lot of hope for the future. Defense is just amazing. Looking back at the last 3 games, if KG was playing, I guarantee we win 2 of them. We're gonna be fine. I'd rather deal with injuries now than closer to the end of the season

we were leading, and we lost by 3, were not finshed by any means, hell, I though we would have lost by 30 points

this week Glenn and Stegail will be back, and will cream the Riders, we will be fine.