what a joke of a game

Lions should have killed this team, at the half, they gave it away to edmonton,

I am sick and tired of the way this team has played all year, they better get consitant or they are going to end up out of the playoffs never mind second or by a miracle first.

I am giving this team 2 more games if they do not win, the next 3 or 2 in a row there are not going to get first place. maybe even second.

i would not be suprised if they only get 30,000 on friday again maybe even under. WHAT A JOKE.if it is hot that day i am not sitting in that dome again and whatching this type of pathetic performace.

It is time for Wally to CHANGE quarterbacks. Jarious has been AWEFUL as a starter. Just look at his stats.

9tds and 8 Ints DOES NOT make for a good starting qb. Take a look at the games he has started and aside from the first Winnipeg game he has been a 1 quarter qb and that is NOT GOOD enough in the CFL. Last week the Lions had no business being in that game and would not have been if not for the kick return touchdown by Ian Smart. IF the Lions are gonna turn this around Wally NEEDS to GIVE Buck some playing time. I said to my friends, at the beginning of the season, that if Jarious is the starter it's gonna be a long year and it is sure looking that way. Man, I HATE Edmonton because (as they showed tonight) they sure are HOTDOGS.

as a fan, you are a joke. Lions dont need fairweather fans like you.

Man, I HATE Edmonton because (as they showed tonight) they sure are HOTDOGS.
how r they hotdogs??? anyways, the lions will be fine considering the defence that they have... however, Jarious Jackson will not get them that far... Buck Pierce has to be the guy in my mind

What happened in the second half? Its like they just gave up. They kept trying the running game and it wasn't working. Why can't they try something different? We need some new wrinkles for the next game or we're toast.

dude the lions are 3-3. settle down. you are making it sound like the team has lost 10 straight games.

and from what has happened so far this season this lions may only need to finish 4th to make the playoffs.

its only 6 weeks into the season and your team is 3-3 and your saying that you are done with the team. Such a loyal fan you are.

While it was disheartening, it happens. Momentum shifts and sometimes it's in our favor, sometimes it's not. Tonight was in the "not" category.

I'm not too concerned...we'll be alright. Edmonton played with passion in the second half and the Tucker thing was probably incentive for them to do so.

It's just the way the CFL's gone this year - it's a roller coaster ride and teams have the lead, then give them up. I thought we could've done better in the second half, but I think we missed Geroy out there. He's a go to guy for us and without him in the line up, we're not our best.

Ok the offence struggled abit. But what kind of fan are you by giving up on the season? Ohh if your going to mention this team may miss the playoffs again Dupsdell maybe you should look under the cfl playoff system in which a fourth place team has more points then a third place team in the other conference the fourth place team cross over to play in the playoffs.

Some of you people need to settle down before you get your panties all up in a twist.
The lions are 3-3 unlike most of the east teams that arent even .500.
I believe that in 2006 the lions went 3-3 in the start if my memory serves me right and wgat happend that year......they finished 1st and won the grey cup.
switching qbs to buck pierce wont fix the problem......as buck commented i quote "the shoulder cant get anymore separated than it is"
translation........buck has a bad shoulder why put an injured guy in over a guy who looked incredible for the 1st two quarters in the edmonton game.
yeah jarious is a little inconsistent but give the guy some time and im sure we will be just fine.
when the lions make the playoffs this year all you guys who are sitting here saying "whine whine......they arent going to make the playoffs......wah wah....bring back casey printers....wah wah.......they shouldnt have cut dave dickenson.......wah wah wah wah

all you guys who are jumping off the bandwagon will be right back on it

i am a season ticket holder and i dont care if the lions are 0-18 or 18-0 my wish for them every night is to pack that dome

so stop all your whining and at the end of the seson if the lions are out of the playoffs then you can cry and bring upp all your suggestions to wally buono(the soon to be 1st winningest coach in cfl history)

Ok after i had a bit to calm down and think about what has happened last night i realized that this team is not going to win 10 straight in a row, the west is too powerful this year but the lions could still end up first once all theses western teams start playing each other and Saskatchewan come down to earth, i think we as fans should see what is going to happen, and not have high expectations of this team during the regular season yes i would love to see the lions win another western division final and play in front of 55,000 fan's again, but would it be so bad if they ended up second like Saskatchewan did last year and had close to 40,000 fans at bc place, and went into Saskatchewan and beat them on there turf. it might happen so what big deal. Know if the lions do end up third and win everything on the road that is fine too, but i know it is not the same as playing at home. and yes i still think that JJ is our number one QB it was not his fault we lost last night it was the inexperienced receivers we had on the field , if that was Geroy Siomon running that route were JJ was intercepted that was a first down, and the way the team was playing in the first half if Geroy was in the line up i bet you we are up by 20 points instead of 10. i bet you the lions have a hell of a practice week this week get really focused and beat Edmonton next week by 20 points and then go into the buy rest all there players, and it has proven before that after the buy week the lions usually win 90 percent of there games, and usually take first place.

But we will see what happens.

Ok after i had a bit to calm down and think
been there, done that. I take back my previous post 8)

STOP making excues for the Lions' HORRIBLE QB. All you have to do is look at his stats so far. In my eyes he has had 1 good start, that's it. Take away the first game against Winnipeg and Jarious has ONLY put together ONE good quarter in every other game. The time HAS COME for Buck Pierce to be given the ball as Jarious has PROVEN he is NOT a starting QB. IT would not have made a difference if Geroy was in the lineup because Jarious does not use Simon as often as he should.

I think Jackson looked brilliant in some cases, looked good in others, and looked awful in others.

I don’t think Jarious Jackson is quite the problem in B.C, if there is any. B.C is a good team, but again, I’ll use the famous word “Respect” You have to respect your opponents, and even though everyone picked Edmonton to finish last, they are no joke this season.

ryoon i totaly agree the lions went into the second half thinking they had this looked up.and also thinking oh yeah edmonton they are not that good. Bc Lions have to play every game this year like it is there last, when i hear Wally talk in the locker room after a win. ( exspecally after the Montreal win) which you can hear or watch on www.tsn.com. What i hear is he always say's great game which is fine but he does not talk about the things he can improve on, i hoesntly think that because they win 3 in a row, that they do not even work on fundamentals stuff they can improve on, i bet you in practise they just go throught the drills that is it, but when they lose they usally come the next game and play there best game because they do practise on the stuff they need to improve on.

sorry that is www.tsn.ca

I really doubt that Dupsdell. Really! A coach like Wally wouldn't just sit there in practice and not work on the fundamentals.Cmom, just use your common sense abit here.Are you going to tell us that he doesn't look at the game film,like the other coaches do??? If that was the case, Wally wouldn't have a record that he does with Bc and Calgary.
By the way Dupsdell, Have you ever thought maybe one of the reasons Wally never mentions about things that this team needs to improve on on tv is maybe it may give the other team an upper hand. Just a thought!
I totally agree with you,that the team just didn't play well in the second half,but give credit to Edmonton for making the proper adjustments.

i think that the lions then do not prepare themselves they way they should for each game then. if they did i think nobody would beat them.or mmaybe at half time if they are ahead, to prepare yourself what the other team is going to do to make adjustments not just sit in the locker room saying we got this one in the bag.

The interception by Edmonton and then this big catch with the crunching hit woke up the Eskies. They were on a high after that on both sides of ball. No team not even BC could bring then down to earth. Give the Esks credit though, that was the beat game they played this year or last far as that goes.

was thinking today that the lions sometimes need the worst defeat of the decade to sometimes wake them up, maybe last night was it, if for somehow they could get on a 6-7 game winning streak they could really challenge for first place, i hope they all take a good look in the mirror this week, and realize that the west is gunning for them and it is not going to be easy like the rest of the years to win first, but you know when the lions play consistent and to there full potential nobody in this league can beat them they are that good of a team, so hopefully this will wake them up, and FINALLY become a consistent winning football team that they were for the last 4 years , and take that into the playoffs too.

First off i'd like to say, we shouldn't always just go for the team but sometimes for the league. It sucks when they lost, I was really choked too, but y'know BC might not be a great team every year (Although i think they have the goods this year for sure, Jarious just needs some time as a starter, he's too easy to read sometimes, but he can get the job done, he has a very high upside) say in a few years we have a crappy team which is entirely possible. Do we just let attendance fall back to 14,000 again? The league will never survive like that. Look at hamilton, and Edmonton, their attendance drops so sharply cuz they're such bad poor sports cuz their team actually sucks for once. I remember in the early 2000's there when they were getting close to 50,000 a game and that one game with Calgary they had 60,000 for a regular season game.

I think Jarious needs to stop getting so fixed on one spot, and he is not using Jason Clermont enough.

Jarious will get the feel, i just am tossed up between him and Pierce who has also proven himself in this league but hasn't really had a chance since then. Jarious needs to stop being so easy to read. He has amazing athletic abilities, and pulling off some Warren Moon type plays.

The second thing i want to say was that people forget the 2000 Grey Cup. We sucked for most of the year, and then we went nuts, and won the grey cup with a practically .500 record. Damon Allan, Lui Passaiglia, Alfred Jackson.