What A Joke Call By Bud

Just watching the game in calgary right now and had to say what a horrible call by the officials on the punt return fumble. The replays show the knee was down well before the ball was ripped out of the returners arms. and yet they give the stumps the ball. when wre the refs going to learn how to call a football game?

Point well takin the refs are continuously making poor calls in every game and im sick of it cause those calls can make or break a game

a blind man could see the knee was down befor the ball was loose.
the cfl is turning into a bush leauge.
and thats sad

I agree that the original call should have been overturned. What bothered me as well was the fact that the allotted time for the review was quite far from used up. If the replay(s) in the opinion of the ref were 'inconclusive', at least use up all the time available before announcing it.

…there was a few angle shots of the play…and one showed Fosters knee was definitely down before the ball came out…that angle shot was probably the one that was missed by not taking the allotted time…otherwise how could that blind-man (ref) come to any other conclusion…crap call :thdn: :roll:

It's instances like this that replay was supposed to remedy, and yet here again we have the wrong call PLUS all the time wasted to "go under the hood"! Bogus garbage!

thats exactly the point. the one definate angled showed him down well before the ball was ripped out. the refs just seemed to scared to overturn the calls mainly because it makes them look bad for calling it wrong.

I understand everyone's frustration here. There was a Montreal@Winnipeg game last year in which two challenges, one by each coach, were overturned. In BOTH cases the original call was correct! There appears to be no method of accountability once these decisions are made. I'll explain....

....Browsing some video clips on the NFL.com site I noticed there are some in which the media address a representative for the referees. The package would include several plays that were reviewed and they would be interpreted by the representative. They really do it right by comparison to what we have to deal with. Now that's scrutiny.

Those dam refs!

...you have to admit my son the refs blew it and it ended up being a gift to the stamps....HOWEVER....just one blatantly missed call, in a bunch of others on all teams, by the refs. ...i sure hate it though, when they have the advantage of video re-play, and still come up with a botched decision....then dump it off as inconclusive...when a blind man could come up with the RIGHT call....you have to wonder????? 8) 8) :lol:

For all the benefits the league has received from reviews they could very well drop the process.