what a har way to lose

I watched the highlights for the game afer I returned home from the bomber ame, and i just gotta say wow. Both teams were amazing with both QB's well over 400 with multiple td's. But Anthony Calvillo did the damage. Close game guys and i think its about time u bounce back. Can;t wait to see next wek against the Blue and Gold.

I hope we meet them in the Grey Cup.... I'd like to see part 2 of Sundays game!

The Leos played a great game on Sunday. Printers looked like his old self, the O-line and the D-line played well, it was only the secondary that was having problems, and even that wasn't too bad...at least until the last 41 seconds of the game...considering the fact that Printers was tearing apart the Al's secondary as well.

Even though MM missed the field goal, I figure he needs a bit of time to get back into it...after all, it has been three years since he last kicked in a game.