What A Great Press Conference!

Its like trying to watch the radio...

LMAO!!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :thdn:


a handycam and a Commodore 64 running the presser

At least if it was on the radio we'd be able to hear it all.

Live TV didn't work for me?????
Am I the only unlucky one???


The one for Kirk will be better. :roll:

I also haven't seen the video start to stream yet. Would be nice if the site admins would post something on it.

ya there having Issues by looks of it
It will be up on Ticats TV later no Biggie

No Bigguie it be on Ticats TV soon ..

Alright I am off to bed I can't wait any longer for this video streaming to work. I will catch the Conference on Ti-Cats TV later.

If I wait any longer I will fall asleep sitting up! :lol:

I would be up for 24 hours at 7:30pm LOL.

It has been a loooong day to say the least for me.

Sweet dreams good fan. :thup:

Hey guys,

Due to technical difficulties, the video for today's press conference on Ticats TV did not stream properly.

The entire press conference will be posted on Ticats.ca later today.

It wasn't as bad as a Stephane Dion production.

Hopefully the Lumsden resigning conference will be better.

To much open source software I think

no biggie say it ain't so

I bought my computer around the time the Cat's last made the postseason. The press conference had me thinking it was time for a new one . :lol:

Well just make sure the computer cards are not wrinkled and everything should work fine!

Yes it will be, I heard Martin Short will be there and Bob is going to pick Kirk up at the airport and personally drive him to the conference in a limosine.

And hopefully if the weather holds up they can arrange for some kind of parade as clearly our pass rushing troubles are now a thing of the past.


i bet they like it on the top secret high security we now have a choice ticat site

If theres one thing we needed it was depth. Gotta have someone who can step in when the guy who cant do the job goes down.