Its such a shame that we had to loose that game with the way the guys played at the end there. But i was just wondering what everybody though about that thired and 10 gamble insted of the field goal. I think it is what i would have done in that situation not knowing that they whould ahve won the game.


Riders need to learn that playing for the last seven minutes of a football game doesn't make you a good team. Start playing 60 solid minutes and they'll get somewhere.

The third down gamble was a mistake, in my opinion, but I'm not the coach.....go for the sure three.....with tonnes of time left, you never know how important those three points could be.

What the hell is wrong with you guys? So much potential alot of talent, decent coaching but yet you guys cant play more than 1 good half a game it seems.

Well, our "D" line played fantastic all game, great pressure on the Argos QB's and they played the run well, Kitwana Jones is amazing,our secondary plain and simply sucks, may be a shake up there, I think that KJ plays better as a roll out , I tyhink Fantuz now has a starting job and Grant played well(surprise) our kicking really hurt our defense as well as our punt cover,i was releived to see a WELL reffed game finally..next week the Riders will play for the full 60......GO RIDERS GO

The "Big Plays" killed us again! What is wrong with our offense? Can't they play more than once quarter of football? Our defense takes out the starting QB and RB, and we can't capitalize? Wonder what the sentiments were like on CKRM during the call in portion? Whose head is going to roll, because we can't continue playing only a few minutes on offense and expecting to win!

its still a long season

Was a very entertaining game, I think the loss is defiantely due to poor field position for the Riders all game and good field position for the Argos. This has to do with our punting game it seems after each punt Argos would be starting on the 50 or 40 while we always had a much longer field to drive the ball down always starting on our 20, 25 ect. As well a couple of big plays for the argos that out secondary allowd and the first kick return of the year played proved crucial. On a lighter note i seen some pretty good signs directed to Ricky Williams "Sorry Ricky in Sask. we grow wheat not weed!", "Hope your having a "Hoot" in the CFL Ricky" As well i seen numerous homemade giant joints confinscated by security :lol:

well i couldnt see it on tv as i was in saskatoon and it was blacked out on cbc, but from what i heard all game..i think we played our best defensivly game this year if it wasnt for those 3 or 4 big plays i think we would have had the chance to win but like you guys said they should be playing a full 4 quarters to win the game, not the last 7 min, if we would have did that we would have won, im pretty sure fantuz will be starting..this kid is amazing and i hope barett throws him in the starting line up next week as this kid can do alot of damage.

Big plays definitely hurt us. Again, itwas nice to see our offense using some great imagination (Armstead to Joseph TD pass). Too bad we couldn't win but at least the last 3 minutes made it worth admission. The drunk idiots who left with 5 minutes left after the last TO TD must have felt pretty stupid. And on the bright side, our pattern of LWLWL is still on so we should beat Clagary =)

Go Riders!!

Thats the kind of attitude that we always have and next thing you know it turns into "well there's always next year". The bottom line is that we always bring in better players but never seem to improve from that 9-9 rut we've been in for so long. Our front office guys need to clean house in the coaching dept. This has been long overdue, Barrett can't motivate the players anymore which is why they won't play 60 minutes of football for him. Scott Schultz knocks Spurgeon Wynn into next week with probably the biggest hit I have seen in football in 5 years and we gain ZERO momentum from it. We just sit back and allow Johnny Third-string come in and light us up for 15 more points. Its stupid to make adjustments at half-time I guess, or so Danny has lead me to believe over the last few years.

well i left with 3minutes to go and didnt care if the [i]Riders[/i] won or loss the game :x if i didnt like what i saw in the the 1st 57 minutes of the game, why would i like the the last 3 minutes :?

nernzi 19, johnny third string was a heisman trophy winner you know. not saying we should have let him torch us. but give the guy some credit. it wasn't his first game of ball.

I know he won the heisman, but you would think that a team would capitalize off of a big play and/or hit like that. Then again we knocked Casey Printers out of a game that I was at last year, only to have Buck Pierce beat us.

Giver, you make a good point,not about Schultzes hit but about Crouch,our secondary got lit pretty much everytime the Argos needed to move the ball.I think the blame (this time) falls directly on the shoulders of the DB's i'm looking forword to a shake up back there