What a Game!!!!!

I was at the game as well. I am very pleased with the depth of this team. The coaches are going to have a very difficult job deciding who stays and who does not stay.
Point of interest: My son & I were selling 50/50 tickets last night for the Oshawa Hawkeyes Football Club and we were asked to go to the private boxes to sell at half time.
One of the boxes we were in was the argo owners'box. We sold our tickets in there and my son was wearing his Tiger-Cat hat. I loved it.

Seems that the long snapping was off last night (I was listening to the game here on CHML over the Net) -- both on placements and shotgun sets. It does take time to get kicker and holder in synch, so at least this is the time of year to get the kinks ironed out.

Fleming did punt one in the middle of the field to Levingston (big mistake), but otherwise I think the punt coverage team did a fine job of holding the fort last night.

Next game will be a stiffer test because the Argos will play their starters more, I expect. Regardless, one has to be impressed with the depth of competition in our camp...the cuts today will not be easy.

Oski Wee Wee,