After what happened last night, does anyone seriously believe that Larry and Ashley Smith aren't exerting some kind of influence over Popp and Trestman?

How does an import kicker perform that poorly in back to back meaningful games (Grey Cup, season opener) without any repercussions? I'm sick of seeing Duval choke when we need points. The guy punted like crap all night and missed a makeable FG (wind be damned).

If Duval weren't married to the boss's daughter, he wouldn't even be on the team right now IMO.

Yes, the best thing about this little trip was by coincidence staying at the same hotel as the team. . . we got to meet practically everyone. . . and yes, when we got back from Taylor Field and were in the lobby bar/restaurant, Dix, Green, and McElveen joined us for dinner. . . SJ's actually a pretty humble guy, but man was that catch something else. . .

I think we were the only Alouette fans in all of Regina. . . man are they passionate out here about their team. . . it's night and day when compared to taking in a game at, say, Rogers Centre. . .

Guess the icing on the top of the cake would have been if they had won the game.

A couple of ears back, a fan from Regina was in Montreal and sat amongst our group of regulars. While he took allot of ribbing for wearing green, he was a welcomed guest!

Hopefully you get a chance to come to Montreal to see a game in the newly expanded Molson (McGill) at some point.

...kinda wish I'd have been able to stay for supper now... :?

Lucky guy, MJ...you're always in the right place at the right time!

Well not quite always, but we sure hit the jackpot this trip.

Herb Zurkowsky even wrote about us, at the end of this article:


Nice! You've been immortalized! :lol:

Sounds like you had an awesome time MadJack!

It was really nice to see the warm welcoming you were getting on the Riders' board. I saw that one guy even invited you to his tailgate party. Pretty cool! 8)