Lifelong ALS fan. I know we lost, but what a game.

Possibly the best game ever played. WOW.

When they see this on the NFL Network the Americans will see what real Football is all about.

Congrats to both teams for a wonderful display.

Thank You

To e3veryone else Enjoy the new season, gonna be great again.

Well, it was an entertaining game, and I take my hat off to the Riders for their strong offensive showing and the win, but I wouldn't call it a classic. Horrible defense from both teams, ours just worse enough for Sask to squeak through in OT. Then there was that mind-blowingly stupid decision to go for it on 3rd down instead of kicking the field goal that proved to be the difference at the end of the fourth quarter.

Burke has a LOT of work to do. Estelle or no Estelle, that was as poor as I've seen this defense play in the past two years. Awful play calls, sloppy / weak tackling, blown coverages every other play, and little to no pressure on the quarterback. The loss of Keron Williams is, as I feared, not going to be as easy to overcome as everyone thinks.


Discipline in line with these comments and in the other room on the Al's defence on whose case I was on right after Chief made some comments about the Montreal lead that was building in the 3rd quarter as if to jinx the team.

We have a big problem on defense. This looked like our defense of the pre-Trestman years. 54 points! Wow! Even more disturbing was their consistent inability to get a stop when we needed one, and they had about 6 chances to do that.

You can put a silver lining on this game, but in actuality, it is very worrisome. You can bet that 7 other coaches are gonna have a look at our pass defense and like what they see...

I'm posting from Regina guys. . . I'll have a lot more to say about this game (and post some pics) when we get back.

In reality both teams only gave up 40 points in regulation, while far from good the OT always inflates the scores as they are basically in field goal range automatically.

Giving up 40 points is never a good sign for any team's defense.

About not going for the Field Goal at the end of the first half. . . which would have represented the winning points. . .

We spoke after the game with Eric Deslauriers. . . and had it confirmed by Coach Trestman when we spoke with him, and then it was confirmed again by Dix and McElveen and SJ Green (with whom we had dinner!!). . . it was a coaching error. The scoreboard wasn't updated quickly enough and still showed it as second down, the staff on the bench had lost track and thought it was still second down.

Human error. . . and I guess the Riders' bench aren't the only ones in the league who have trouble counting. . .

Okay, that makes a whole lot more sense. Thanks MJ. I was swearing at the TV trying to figure out how a savvy, smart guy like Trestman makes such an unnecessary mistake in a game that was at that point (and in the final analysis) not decided at all, even though we had the lead.

A coaching error makes sense, because nothing else about it does.
I thought I saw Trestman at the time saying something about 2nd down after the play was over.

Hah! I commented to my wife at the time that the only thing that made any sense at all, was that the coaches didn't realize it was 3rd down.

Very entertaining game ! but boy some bizarre calls from both coach, bad officiating and terrible breakdowns in coverage. Dropped balls...

Really liked Maypray's composure for his first pro game. He's probably won himself a job yesterday :smiley:

McElveen looked good too.

-Again the Als lose a game because they can't balance their offense, control the clock with their running game. 10 touches to Cobourne and none to Carter ???

-Duval... I know 46 yards in prairie winds is not an automatic kick but when you factor the lousy punting and kickoffs. I think you have to be concerned. The Als really need to look at doing something there. I don't know if it bringing in a kicking coach to evaluate things or what...

  • A lot of issues with the middle linebacker position yesterday, wasn't good with Emry in there and got worse with Guzman. You don't expect a team to keep Sakatchewan's passing game quiet but I am surprised they could also run the ball at will inside and out.

This was a season opener on the road against a very good team and overall the Als looked real good but there are some things that need work.

GoAlsGo.com !

It's good to have the explanation - thanks! That was possibly the most confusing "decision" of the entire game for me to digest.

As much as the lack of offensive balance is a recurring beef of mine, any time your offense posts 40+ points, you can't point the figure at them when you lose. The defense lost us this game, plain and simple, particularly the 21 FRICKIN POINTS they allowed within the span of five minutes in the second half. That was embarrassing.

You have to keep a couple things in mind.

They were playing on the road probably against the best offense they will face all year.

There are some changes on that defense and it showed.

The offense could not establish a running game in the second half to help out the defense.

Disappointing that we lost but what an entertaining game. Kudos to the Riders for coming back on the Als after being down by 3 converted majors. I must admit though that I had a huge chuckle when they got called for an illegal substitution once again (The look on some of the fans' faces was priceless). Fortunately for the Riders, they were able to overcome the adversity this time.

Other things I liked about the game:

SJ Green - Looked really good and that catch for the conversion was amazing!

Maypray - Very nice return.

Cavillo - Kept his composure after throwing that interception deep in Als' territory on the opening play.

Line pressure was horrible. We couldn't get heat on Durant without having to send at least one linebacker. Major breakdowns in coverage (Bagg TD?!), no ability to stop the run. Awful play overall.

The offense could not establish a running game in the second half to help out the defense.
You know how the defense could have been helped out? IF THEY'D GOTTEN A GODDAMN STOP. :x

I hear what you're saying about the running game, but allowing Sask to score 21 points in five minutes is just brutal. They didn't even make the Riders work for those TDs, it was just bomb after bomb down the field. Unforgivable.

Which wasn't even his fault. He threw the ball right into Richardson's hands but Richardson bobbled it away to Frazier.

La défensive des Alouettes n'était pas prête et celle des Roughriders à peine plus. Ce fut un match spectaculaire, mais pas du bon football défensivement. On sait maintenant que les Alouettes ne sont plus dans une classe à part. Les Roughriders sont aussi forts qu'eux.

Trestman et Milanovitch ont perdu le match à eux seul lorsqu'ils n'ont pas tenté le placement à la fin du 2ième quart. l'avoir fait, c'était une avance de 3 séries de pointages au lieu de 2. Méchante différence, d'autant plus qu'avoir eu ces trois points, ils l'auraient gagnée.

Ça a été la partie de la longue balle, et les deux tertiaires faisaient pitié à voir, surtout Donovan Alexander en première demie. Tim Burke et Gerry Etcheverry ont du pain sur la planche en petit péché! Du côté des Alouettes, McElveen devra monter son jeu de quelques crans pour chausser les souliers de Williams.

On a eu droit à des attrapés superbes de Green et du jeu solide de Bratton. Encore une fois, les Alouettes se sont mis à piétiner lorsqu'ils ont laissé Cobourne au chômage.

On a vu une belle prestation de Maypray sur les retours de bottés, et je signale qu'Owens a réussi un touché sur un retour de dégagement de 90 verges. Si on avait eu ces deux gars-là, on aurait causé des casse-têtes en unités spéciales.

Les Roughriders ont pavé la voie pour les autres équipes : pour avoir du succès contre les Alouettes, il faut blitzer Calvillo sans arrêt. Les Alouettes devront pratiquer leur passes voilées et surtout le jeu de la ligne à l'attaque. C'est là que l'absence de Chiu se fait sentir.

Avec ce que j'ai vu, désolé les gars, mais je ne mets pas la participation des Alouettes à la Coupe Grey comme acquise. Ils vont devoir travailler dur en maudit pour revenir au niveau de 2009 sans Williams et Chiu.

MadJack… Having dinner with SJ Green?! He must have had a pretty big smile during dinner. what a game he had.