What a game

Anyone - and I mean ANYONE who doesn't cheer a game like tonights Al's vs Rider Game is no football fan. Great Game for both teams and for the CFL

It simply does not get any better then this for the CFL brand of Football and excitement.

all i can say is wow,,,, wow.... i hope americans tuned in for the nfl network cfl premiere... cause i dont care what league u cheer for that game was intense, and that catch by greene may be the best catch ive seen in any level of football, and then dressler comes back with an amazing catch right after... primetime football right there... riders never gave up, i thought it was over after the missed fg td, i thoguht it was over when the als went up 40-33, and i thought itd be over after the TOO MANY MEN penalty.... but they kept fighting

what a game... go cfl

I agree.

I've never seen an opening game like what took place tonight.

Congrats to the Riders (and this from an Als fan).

My heart can't take too many games like this one - and neither team is my team of course. :o

NFL Network....down here in Yankeeland...need to find myself a team......very good game.....

From CFL.ca

"The 105 combined points was the third most in CFL history."

I think the CFL should name this game as "Offensive Player of the Week"

wadda ya think, should we call it a season and give the cup to the riders :smiley:

Of course not - but that game was one for the ages :cowboy:

i speak for myself...but im a fan of the new ot rule... going for 2 makes things a lot more intense... even after you punch it in, its still a battle to get the full points off of the score

There were enough highlights in this game to cover the entire season....Amazing!! Congrats to the Riders for not giving up. Great game played by all. THIS IS FOOTBALL :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I have seen other games as good as this one in both leagues over the last 45 yrs, but rarely twice in the same season.

Hoping for an exception this year.

So many games between NCAA and NFL football over 21 and 32 years respectively as a new CFL fan here, but that one has to go in my top 20 or better of all time though I just don't know where! :o

For all the right reasons above the woeful alternatives we have from about February through August, you just watch the CFL catch on bigger than expectations in the US!

That's it on Saturdays too already I'll take the CFL well over NCAA football for that matter.

Already we have so many new other American commenters here too! :slight_smile:

top stuff....some of the catches :expressionless: how the guys are not in the NFL

There sure were some great catches in the game and it was about as exciting as it can get... it kept me on the edge of my seat for about the last hour! Hopefully plenty of Americans got word the game was on NFLN and got to see the game. But the deal was signed so late they probably didn't have time to promote it or even get it listed in the TV schedules, which will probably hurt the ratings in the U.S.

No it was listed as some other show on the NFL network...maybe the next game will...I caught wind of it as I lurk on here....

Indeed the NFL's loss but also their fault for going after too many troublemakers and jerks for some strange reason to a very high degree at the receiver position. It seems like after Terrell Owens everyone is trying to copy him to be a brand of their own instead of focusing on being the next Jerry Rice and the very, very long way they have to go to get close.

NFL's loss on SJ Green, cut by the Jets, and IMHO amazing that Rodriguez and Richardson were overlooked too!

And you never know Bill Polian or Bill Belichek might take a harder look at Dressler too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet you anything the NFL coaches and scouts will be watching the game film for that instant classic after the buzz spreads if they did not just watch the game on a nice summer night before a Holiday weekend with nothing else on at all. That's unless you are a Lebron loser or happen to be one of the very few folks who like baseball better than football.

And I bet ESPN is ticked off that they did not get the better game for TV tonight and it's only online on ESPN3, but too bad they ought to have ponied up as did the NFL Network in the 11th hour.

Yes. Unfortunately, the deal was done at the last second. So the NFL network didn't have enough time to change that info or market the game. Next ones will get more viewers for sure.

green is the colour :thup:

It might not have made those lame cable TV or other TV schedules due to lack of time to update them, but the CFL game indeed was listed on the NFL network website though they do not have the accompanying game tracker but we get that via the CFL site anyway. Also the NFL site did not have links to any information on the game I could find, but again folks can just go here all the same.

I'm confident that if anyone in the US was watching NFL Network tonight anyway, if they were not on the road or out somewhere drinking, they would have considered heavily the option to watch this game with little else on really.

Green is the colour but it's green and gold that you'll want to choose