What a game

this grey cup will go down in history and even tho i dislike both teams involved i was still on the edge of my seat and holding my breath lol congrats to both teams...gonna be alot of questioning about that penalty and whos fault it exactly was...lol i was laughing to myself making 13th man jokes and how ironic it was thats how they lost...and 5 mins later cuthbert steals my thunder LOL jk not a mistake you should be making at that point in time in the game...but still a game that is only fitting for the type of season it was this year!

...yup, that was a hell of a time...the stadium went pretty nuts for 6 to 7 seconds there....

No kidding!
Imagine, if there was no penalty . . . That field would have been rushed!
I am telling you there would have been fans all over the place.
It would have been the most legendary Grey Cup victory in the CFL history!
Instead, we are left wondering what could have been as the East-most team and furthest removed CFL city from non-Franco culture is partying all isolated and stuff.
Man, Calgary would have been crazy, instead of depressive.
Now we have to do it all over again in Edmonton . . . Oh the emotion! :?