What a game...

That was an incredible game.

I wish we won it, but I'm happy with a tie.

Too bad we still have the 3rd Quarter funk.

yeah if they could score in the 3rd they might win more games, to bad they gave up 2 points also, best game this year!

overall a great game production wise
extra pleased in Congi doing double duty
did u notice coach Miller is always calm and collect while Hufnagel is a loaded cannon
The only negative is I hoped Williams would do better then shoot his mouth about starting at middle linebacker
Do your talking on the field plzz

Wow do we ever have awesome canadian players


huffnagel was a loose cannon cause he was not impressed with his team. he is by far the best coach in the cfl so i dont understand why everyone figures him to be so bad? miller is useless on the sidelines huffnagel shows passion it fires up your team

didnt say huf was a bad coach
just said he is a loose cannon

Shame that class guys like Huff and Reynolds have to be associated with a second rate team.

as far as best
Trestman is far superior

trestman is not a good coach he stands on the sidelines. lol. im jk he is obviously a good coach looking at the als record but we won the cup last year against this same team almost. when he wins the cup ill admit he is an amazing coach but until than, no way. your reg season record means squat if you cant win that big game

the same second rate team that had a poor game and tied you? the same second rate team your tied with for first? hmm i guess since both teams are on par than you are also calling the riders a second rate team...on both counts i believe you are wrong.

true true
quick question for u then

Who would u rate better
Huffnagel or Austin

sorry if im off topic

Austin never was a loose cannon

lol im stickin with huffer lol i had the privelage of hearing him speak at a coaching clinic deal at the U of C and the experiance and knowledge of the game is incredible, and he is a great speaker and always seems to find a way to fire up his team. im not overly objective on this topic ill admit, but i do have an unspeakable respect for john and would not be happy to see any other coach in calgary anytime soon

ok cool i respect that
but back to the game
i look forward when they come back for final game

agreed always a good game when stamps and riders faceoff. look at the games this season in cgy anyways lol 24-23 and than 44-44 pretty even keeled teams :thup:

It was a great game. Although it would have been better from our point of view if the 'Riders would have won, I think the tie has it positives.

It was a great game to watch. Fans who are not Stampeder or 'Rider fans saw some jaw dropping football that would rival anything in any professional sport.

It is great for the league to have such a close race in the west because now anyone can end up first or last including the 'Riders. That is going to do nothing but improve tv ratings.

Folks who are CFL fans but neither fans of either of the two teams that played could say something like, “what a game and how fitting that neither team won or lost.”

For once, the Suitor did not embarass himself with silly commentary.

And the 'Riders were fortunate to tie it seeing how they trailed the entire game right from the first opening drive.

It would still have been better for us if the 'Riders would have won and would have made me feel really good if the 'Riders embarassed the Stampeders, but for the league as a whole and for CFL fans everywhere, it was a perfect outcome.

haha and i was hoping the stamps destroyed your riders but i cant remember if it was this post or a different one (im kinda going comment crazy :stuck_out_tongue: ) but me and the rider fan beside me both decided that this would be the only fitting end to the battle and to see either team lose would be heartbreaking for anyone in the stadium. i do feel cheated, no cause the call was wrong, but cause i got so excited that the stamps blocked the PAT lol. ive never heard of "pyramiding" but it does make sense. or else no one would ever get the feild goals or extra points. great game tho.
PS i was also super scared that after the penalty you would go for two and win lol after you got it so easily just earlier to tie the game :stuck_out_tongue:

pyramiding... I learned that was illegial the very first time I played touch football in the school yard at Oxbow during lunch hour.

hmm coaches never taught me it and ive never come across it. guess we just played but the rules :stuck_out_tongue: haha jk i also never had anything but a highschool team in my town that just happened to start in my grade 10 year lol not bad timing i guess. but i have been coaching ever since i graduated in 06 lol not that anyone asked for my life story...just relating the time ive been around the game to how long you have im assuming alot more than 7 years lol...but hey i guess we all learn something new everyday lol

Dear Coaching Staff,

Give the ball to Szarka -- 1st down or TD
Give the ball to Jyles -- turnover on downs

Any Questions?

Was DAMN GLAD to see page 33 of the ol' playbook dusted off for the first time in what seems like forever. The setup for the Cates run late in the game was almost as priceless as Szark's 3 TDs. The fans love him for a reason -- smash-mouth football sells in Sask.

Was DAMN GLAD to see page 33 of the ol' playbook dusted off for the first time in what seems like forever. The setup for the Cates run late in the game was almost as priceless as Szark's 3 TDs. The fans love him for a reason -- smash-mouth football sells in Sask.
Was it just me but I heard the term CANUCK TRUCK used in reference to Szarka and who said it ?
got to give LaPolice an ataboy for using Szarka :rockin: :thup: :lol:

It was an AWESOME game from any perspective!! (except the officiating at times (for BOTH sides))
Being a Rider fan, of course I would have liked the 2 points, but I cant remember a game in which I was so captivated in my 53 years as a CFL fan! Might I say it was even Better than the 89 cup... <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> The Riders have the best homegrown talent in the League, nobody can dispute that fact, and man do they ever produce for us! Szarka took that ball and ran for everything hes worth everytime his number was called, and so did Foord (STOO!!!). Were the proof that Canadians can play football at the highest level, we have the highest Cauck-American ratio in the league and the highest number of hometown players too, and look at us at the top in the West. What a finish this is going to be in the West eh...I dont care Who you cheer for, you`ve gotta love the parity in the West and the exciting way this is bound too unfold.

The stands DID look like a christmas tree too! Red and Green all over the place, it was really neat too see on TV when they showed the stands on wide angle shots.