What a game!!!!! The leo's are back!

What an awsome game. What did I just hear a big moan coming out of Edmonton.....lol

.....nope, given the distance, the ambient temperature and wind speed you'd be hard pressed to even hear a 230 tonne bomb go off in edmonton........I seriously doubt every eskimo fan wheezing a sigh in perfect unison would be audible here in Calgary..............

lol....it sure would be nice though


thats one thing the stamps fans and the lions fans actually agree on

Let's not get ahead of ourselves but I definitely agree the win was a good boost for the Lions. The lions have a tough game next week against the Esks and it's probably going to be for 1st place in the West.

Yes Edmonton will be a bigger challenge than Winnipeg. I'm looking forward to that matchup for sure!

So am I but we are going to kick some eks. ass