What a finish

Edmonton should beat Saskatchewan (never underestimate a team with nothing to lose) and if Calgary beats Winnipeg, both conferences will come down to the final game to decide the order of finish. The only thing we know for sure is that Hamilton will be the visitors in the East semi. The key game in my mind is the Calgary/Winnipeg match up as it will decide whether the B.C./Montreal game is meaningful for Montreal.

My choices:

If Calgary wins:

East 1. Montreal 2. Winnipeg 3. Hamilton

West 1. Edmonton 2. Calgary 3. B.C.

If Winnipeg wins:

East 1. Winnipeg 2. Montreal 3. Hamilton

West 1. B.C. 2. Edmonton 3. Calgary

If Saskatchewan beats Edmonton, all bets are off. Ties would really put a wrench in the works. :cowboy:

(disclaimer: this is strictly a gut feeling. Little or no fact or history was involved in the selections, no science, no voodoo, and no apologies, nothing about these choices can be proven by myself or hopefully anyone else other that the players. Anyone is welcome to their own opinions, have at it.)

In my opinion, Edmonton's lack of experience when it comes to these type of games could be a factor.

yes they have Ray and Stamps and a few others who can handle it well but there are a lot of players on that team that may not be able to handle the pressure properly.

B.C. has a lot of confidence and Montreal also does. this could be the game of the week by far.

Calgary will beat Winnipeg, why? because Drew Tate is the difference.

Saskatchewan is hard to read, even after their win against Hamilton.

...after today's news that Miller is 100% resigning at the end of the year you gotta think the riders come to Edmonton with a 'one-for-the-gipper' attitude surrounding them...I don't think they'll go down lightly or even at all...

...or "One for the Gopher"!

[b]It will be interesting to see Montreal's starting line-up should Winnipeg beat Calgary. Montreal would no longer be playing for 1st place.

Conversely should both Edmonton and Calgary lose their games preceding the Montreal/Lions game it would mean the Lions have 1st place wrapped up. I'd be interested in seeing what the Lions starting line-up would look like.

...but you're talking about major player changes only hours before game-time, while this is not impossible it is difficult to pull off...also, your team has been practicing madly all week for that #1 position, psychologically do you let your foot off the gas pedal? would the taste of a loss linger through to the next game? probably not as much as an needless injury in a mean-nothing game, but still...

Given how beat up the Lions already are, I'm sure you'd see backups getting a lot of playing time if they don't need to win that game to get the bye.

Calgary will beat Winnipeg, why? because Drew Tate is the difference.
Meh, we'll see what happens when he plays a REAL defense ... SK, TO, Mtl? pffffftttt ...

LOL j/k :wink:

Not that much of a joke, KGERBR. .. Winnipeg's defence is easily the toughest that Tate will have faced so far.

Well, the Bombers D hasn't exactly been top notch these days

True enough, but it's still a better defence than Saskatchewan's, Toronto's, or Montreal's.

...Edmonton will be going all out to solidify , at least, a homefield advantage by defeating the reeling riders...They hold the season series on Calgary so that would cinch them second with a win...Cal. would most likely play their last game a little tentatively, trying to avoid key injuries...Bombers will be going all out in this scenario AND if they don't come-up with a win against the stamps, they don't deserve first place...The game between the Lions and Als. following would mean everything to the Leos and nothing to the Als. fortunes....The final standings could be become much clearer after the Edm./Sask. tilt...Of course the Riders could surprise everyone and come-up with a going away present for gramps AND succeed in dropping the Esks. and throw a monkey-wrench into all of my take....we'll see :roll:

Not true. If the Esks beats the Riders, the Stamps still have a shot at hosting the Western semi-final if they win and the Lions lose. The game will be important to them no matter what happens on Friday.

.......Lots of scenarios there blueblood and you're right IF the Lions lose and Cal. wins could mean a home playoff for Cal.
...missed that one HOWEVER an Edm. win does get them homefield ..no matter what happens in the other games ..So even if Cal was to win and the Leos lose... The Esks. finish first with the schmoes having home-field advantage..Cal. can only tie the Esks. in the standings and Edm. would finish first because of the tie-breaker :wink:

Going to be good boys!