What a finish

…Sask. thought they had it the bag but our return man of last year ,Armstead, was standing in the end-zone as the thirteenth man…that’s too many Riders…better have someone count before the play gets started…pretty basic…tough way to lose…See ya next year green guys… :wink:

…Oh and tough luck award goes to Taman…he’s still associated with a team that ‘almost’ gets it done :roll: :roll: :roll: …

…and for Randy Turner of the free press…We know you luv the luvable losers…maybe you should actually take up the BluenGold cause next year…or go join Taman :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....seems the rider fans are ready to 'manure' Kavis Reed....their special teams guy....guess he'll be the next fall guy....I hate being a fan who takes pleasure in another teams 'loss' BUT ...I just have to go back to the banjo bowl...and remembering all the snickering ,smug faces on the rider bench when we took that pasting.....NOW i don't feel so bad...heh :wink: heh..

SK and their fans will NEVER get over the 13 men on the field. Move over Buckner, this has you beat by a mile !
I rather go 0 - 18 than lose the way SK did today. The headsets were off and they were celebrating on the SK bench . There has never been a ending like that to a GreyCup game ever !

The first other sport reference that came to my mind was the Bruins too many men on the ice penalty against the Canadiens in the 1979 semi-finals. LOL

Wonder how many 13th man signs they'll have in the stands next season.

I still don't think Armstead was the extra guy. You have to have someone in the endzone in case of a miss and he was in the endzone on the second attempt.

They were going for the block, the ball probably rolls through the endzone . The only guys that could have recovered the ball if it did stay in the endzone were Duval and the holder. I doubt that would happen as they wouldn't have beaten all the SK players down to the endzone. Other media are reporting it as well. Ed Phillion on the radio post game show , basically called Armstead a idiot that has made other bone head mistakes .

Apparently at TSN and Sportsnet they're reporting that ST coach Kavis Reed sent out an extra lineman on the play and he's taking the blame for the mistake.

If the FG was missed then only onside players and the kicker can recover it but if it was partially blocked then it's a live ball and anyone could recover it. You can't not have a guy in the endzone in that situation IMO.

The extra linemen was accounted for, but there was some kind of mix up with Armstead. I agree they needed somebody deep, but I guess SK didn't think that would be a issue ? It was the most fascinating 3 seconds in Grey Cup history ! I couldn't imagine being a fan of a team losing that way. It couldn't get any worse !

Ya I kinda wrote this in the main forum,what happens if an Al's player see's there are 12 men on the line,and one of them moves back to be onside and the Riders dont notice it and have no return man,if that ball takes a funny hop if its wide and stays in play look out.They needed someone back there.

I think Armstead was supposed to be on,cause he was in the endzone on the winning FG,so it had to be someone on the line.

....REGARDLESS.....someone blew an assignment.....geez if Kelly ever did that he'd have been tarred and feathered then hung at Potage and Main...Tough to live with all, off-season long.....Visions of 13th. man. /// 13th. man////13th. man dancing in their heads....All we had to live with was a borken-armed qb. :frowning: Anyway ..I thought the riders played well....just like we did in our last appearance in the Cup......but in the end..NO CIGAR... :roll: :roll:...Grey Cup Champs to Grey Cup Chumps in a matter of seconds..

Hey Riders were outscored 25-10 in the 2nd half, they really can not now say, if only we did not have the 13th man on the field. Hey I think the fans must have known the outcome of the game before it even started, notice all the signs that said....the 13th man will do it :lol: Gerry Organ

Reality check here.....Als fumbled on their own 20 to set Riders up for a east TD. Another time basically did the same thing! Duvall gave them a score with a muffed punt! What did the Riders do that they actually created on their own?? Probably 1 drive all game perhaps.

Als gave Riders the game in the first half and then won it all/most in the 4th...25-10. Riders never could do it without Als help it seemed to me. 2ints for Durant? I was saying prior to the game, which Durant will show up, the good Durant or the bad, the answer??

One penalty near the end that was reveiwed for quite a few minutes? There was not enough evidence to over turn it, but I think the same way would have been true had the refs said it was a catch, Riders got away with one there!

Not that I’m feeling sorry for any of the loud mouthed Rider fans around here, but that was a complete fluke.

.....tough one to repeat alright......After all of the crap the Bombers took this year on every site and forum..also in the media....I have to be bigger than the trash talkers...I think of how that must have crushed the riders and their fans...then i become a little 'sorry' for them and their predicament......having to go all of the off-season with that huge heartache....then i remember all of the consoling WE received and the 'poop' we had dropped on us ...... all of a sudden the 'feeling sorry part' quickly vanishes.... :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue:...I'm wondering when the shock and sadness wears off and is replaced with an angry 'hang someone for this' attitude takes over in riderville.....Who'll be the sacrificial lamb????... :roll:

....Apparently there were 50 die-hard fans waiting for the riders to return from cal.......i guess the bloom is off the rose... :lol:

Special teams were a problem all season for the Riders. Once they got Armstead their return game improved a lot but they still had other problems. Some Rider fans are calling for Kavis Reed's head - some because of what happened in the GC but others for the performance of special teams all season (this wasn't the first too many men penalty they've taken on ST this season).

Sask needs to bring in a QB that does not throw so many ints!!!

Not the first time that fans are calling for Kavis Reed's head.

In 2007 he was defensive coordinator in Hamilton. That was a pretty bad defence. Was it personnel, coaching, or a combination?

In 2008 he became defensive coordinator in Toronto when Stubler was moved up to head coach. Again, it was a pretty wea defence compared to what it had been under Stubler. Was it aging personnel or coaching or a combination?

In 2009 he became special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan, and as you note Rider fans have been critical of their special teams all season.

So it is coaching?

Forgot to comment on this part of your post before. I agree completely - I have a great deal of difficulty showing compassion to fans from other teams after comments that have been made by some of them.

I wish nothing on the good Rider fans, or on the Rider team -- classy bunch, especially Ken Miller -- but boy oh boy, does it ever feel good to see certain Rider fans have their hopes and dreams shattered in the most crushing way possible. :lol:

You know, the ones who act like it's a one-team league. Who honestly believe the Rider Nation hype (tripe?) and think they're better than fans of other teams. Who poured beer on Damon Duval's wife and child, forcing them to leave the Grey Cup game before it was over. Whose general demeanor is that of a spoiled little child who doesn't yet understand that his needs aren't the be-all and end-all of the universe.

For those fans, our victory is ultra-sweet. :cowboy: :cowboy:

...a very low-class act...pouring beer on a wife and child of a player....Some of the rabid roughie fans better have a good look in the mirror after pulling off such a stupid stunt and give their head a shake......Trash-talk is one thing.... demented physical actions are another...I know the Bombers have some 'raunchy' types but i hope they never stoop to that kind of crap...it just demeans your team and city..Those kinds of incidents cannot be tolerated and anyone caught pulling off 'assaults' like that should be banned from every CFL Park.. :thdn: