While we west fans all are hyped about our teams chances, it cant be forgotten what a great season it has been for us as fans. All 4 teams battled from start to finish, and all us fans were tuning in every week to every game, knowing how it could effect the standings. I feel sorry for those in the east who knew the playoff seating relatively early or felt disheartened thinking that if their squad was only good enough to win 6 games it might get them in. At least those in Montreal and Winnipeg have had their anxieties increased now that Winnipeg is playing better.

All in all, its been a memorable year as a fan in western Canada. As good a year as any I can remember. A big thank you goes out to all 4 teams for making it so special.


Seconded. Any team can knock the crap out of any team in the west, and then get knocked over themselves.
Really I think this playoffs is a pick em. Calgary gets the odds of course cause they only have to beat one team to get the Cup. Great job every team.

Would it not be funny if an Eastern team won the Grey Cup this year....don't forget the overall record is 26 West....6 East.

It was an exciting year. It sort of reminded me of the NBA's Western Conference last season. Tough competition. But I still give the edge to Calgary. They were the most dominant and most consistent team this season. They swept B.C. and Montreal, and split with Saskatchewan. If not for that maricle last second TD catch by Tucker, they would have beaten the Eskimos, too. That's dominance.

Can't wait for the playoffs this weekend!