This game shows all the makings of a editNEW CFL. This instant replay wastes time, edit, get rid of it!!

Our Teams penalties are a disgrace, shouldn't be taking nearly 200 yards in penalties.

Not to mention the non calls on the ALS (not really an excuse) just pisses me off, first the hit on Quinn (shoulda been a penalty), then the "INTENT TO INJURE" on Stoddard in the 4th QRTR, shoulda been an ejection.

AJ3 seems like he cannot play football anymore, why is he out there?

And Last but not least the injuries that finally caught up with us, Taman better get ready to get some players in here. Goodspeed gone for the season on o-line and Sheridan gone for 2-3 weeks OUCH!!

One positive Kyries Hebert impressed me and should start on Defence next game. Oh and what is with Westwoods grey mustache, is he trying to impersonate Burton Cummings.

P.S The Refs and The new replay suck this year .... just making our game as edit as the NFL.... c'mon now CFL ... Wake Up!!!

that was an interception by HEBERT ... more proof the Refs and Replay SUX!!! Not to mention they couldn't call that challenge within 3 minutes, why have that rule if they don't enforce it, damnam i pissed off!!!

Al's should change there name again, to the CHEATCORDS!!!

but let it go guys, let's hope the team and figure out what went wrong, fix it, and resume the race to 10 wins, we only have 7 more to go, and I think we will get at least 3 wins in the next 4 weeks.

Good Job by Hebrert, too bad it didn't count.

I think the instant replay system this year has been horrible thus far.(Take a look at my thread on the main page). But it did not ruin the game's outcome today. Instant replay mistakes went both ways- montreal's pass TD, was a TD, but it got overturned when winnipeg challenge. The hebert interception WAS an interception IMO and shouldn't have been overruled.

The BB's deserved most of their penalties IMO, save for a few. I hope none of you are claiming you lost the game SOLELY because of the referees.

I am not saying we lost the game because of that alone - my point is the REFS have to be responsible for there actions as well as the players and coaches who lose there jobs year in and year out. Tonight the Refs were a disgrace and MAYBE just MAYBE the outcome could've been different. If it was your ESKS who we play on Thursday you would be aggreeing with me. The instant replay has to go!!! the new rule on the return game HAS TO GO, this is our game and not having a return for a TD this year for any team brings us down to NFL standards, why can't you block from the side, crappy rule, the back i can see, but the side.




i don't think we lost solely due to the refs, but it would have been alot closer if there were some compotent refs in the game, tempers wouldn't have flaired and alot of dumb penaltys wouldn't have happened


That was ugly and very hard to watch. I was kind of scared to come onto the forum and see my forum buddies from Winnipeg complain and blame the loss on the refs, but I must say you guys are taking this very well.

I know it's frustrating, every team gets a bad bounce thrown their way once in a while, but not tonight for you guys, you guys was one after another. But the missed calls holding, facemask etc, I wouldn't just say the Als were getting away with it, both teams were.

Anyways, it's one game dont worry there's still 13 games left, it's a long season.

As much as I hate to say it we lost the game even with some bad calls. I would think Berry would want to address that problem because it is costing us big time. After all we were playing one heck of a good team. Hey guys it's not the war, only a battle.

Its unfortunate thats all, but the biggest thing was we had a little adversity with the injuries and the calls going against us and we totally lost it, folded like a cheap fuc%%%in tent.....but hey its only one game and as Ry said there are 13 to go.....

Fire the Ref!!!!!!!!!!!!!

losses like that will make the Bombers better.

did u see that when they overturned heberts int everyone threw there drinks on the field?!.I bet thell get fired or at least see if the game was rigged

the game was not rigged and the refs were not bias... knock some sence in your head. this is a professional game. geez

something was going down tonight on that field with the refs.

i'd watch out if i were them... i mean if bomber fans kick the sh*t out of their own players at sport bars (remember arland bruce and whoever) i can only imagine what they would do to refs who """"""cost""""""" them the game :o

i just wanna ask a few simple questions…i just got home from work (co-op on Henderson…im 17 by the way…and someone gave me their season tickets to the rifles lol) but i heard that the score was 37-10 for montreal, and it made me think that they were really getting it handed to them

then i heard the final score and was like whatever…when i got home, i looked at the stats…glenn had more yards then calvillo(even tho calvillo had 3 tds, and like 40 attempts) the defence only gave up 26 rushing yards

can someone tell me if they know how many penalties and yards each team had?..and it seems to me that montreal only scored because of the field position from bomber penalties, and the 3 turnover…this is the positive thing that we can take out of it…and that is if we can limit the penalties (im sounding like a broken record…but it can happen, and hang on to the ball a little better)

there is ABSOLUTLEY no reason to panic at all (Excpet for the injuries along the oline)we still have the best defence in the league, and our offence seems to be rolling (excpet those turnovers)

do i seem resonable and realistic…i think so…i also think that the bombers will beat the eskiblows, just like on canada day!!..well if the eski fans are gunna say it, then imma gunna say it…at least we got the blowout out of the way early!GO BOMBERS!!!

...that was the most incompetent bunch of refs. i've seen in awhile....BLOWN calls on both teams...this is supposed to be a proffessional league...that was not the type of reffing you should expect...The Bombers got it taken to them....no excuses...except maybe the 'o' line injuries were proably part of the collapse...but we have to put that one behind us...EDM. in five days....Taman better start beating the bushes for some credible 'o' line talent..for what is promising to be ...a very good team...we sure got dinged....i would like to add 'my one finger salute' to the refs. ...like Marshal and Berry gave them....i'm pretty sure there is going to be an official protest on this one... by our coaches...and so there should be...

that's very optimistic and reasonable. i totally agree with what you're saying.

BOMBERS - 18 pen. 162 yrds.
MONTREAl - 10 pen. 84 yrds.

hey the refs werent professional