What a Disaster in Winnipeg...

Bringing in a proven failure like Gary Crowton should have been a warning sign for everyone that things are out of control in Winnipeg right now. Then signing the three stooges to play QB - - maybe Crowton has a master plan to get all of them on the field together?

Donny O walks...Greg Carr walks...LaBatte walks....is Joe Mack making an early bid to secure the #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft? Doug Brown sure picked a good time to abandon ship. As delusional as Bomber fans are, surely they can recognize the train wreck that's unfolding in Winnipeg.

But don't take my word for it though - - here's what one of your best defensive players has to say about things...courtest of Jonathan Hefney via twitter:

"U know what I'm not gonna even get started with what our team is trying 2 do in this free agency.... But really like I could snap"

"B4 someone text me bout my Tweets just wanna say we really F-ing up... Feel like Micheal Jordan Making Decisions in out office #epicfail"

"Man seems like every team has gotten better except us... I guess our 3 quarterbacks gonna play some receiver get the F outta here man #Sad"

Looks like the streak will be safe for yet another year...

I usually ignore these crap topics but I gotta know: why are you so angry that a team you don't like isn't going to win the cup next season (according to you)???

Well, it seems like there's another conspiracy in place to help the Argos. And for the good of the league, we need to get to the bottom of it!

Clearly Joe Mack has been instructed to dismantle his franchise in order to assure a last place finish for Winnipeg and help Toronto get into the playoffs.

:lol: as theories go I guess it's as good as Cam Cole's...

the CFL is only as good as its worst team i guess.

All well and good, but the Defense is still mostly intact and freakin' dangerous.


GM Mack responds during news conference, click above


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were quiet on the first day of free agency, but general manager Joe Mack was vocal about it on Thursday in response to comments tweeted by his own players.

Mack, who met with the media on Thursday, said he was not impressed by defensive backs Deon Beasley and Jonathan Hefney critique of what they thought was the club’s lack of activity when free agency opened Wednesday at Noon et/9am pt.

“Those comments are the most disappointing thing for me today,” said Mack. “We talk about being a team, and those two comments aren’t team oriented. It is something I will address with them as soon as possible.”

Both players took to Twitter to voice their concerns over their team’s perceived lack of action with Beasley calling the front office ‘cheap’ and Hefney mockingly asking if the team’s quarterbacks (all three were re-signed before the deadline last week) would play receiver as well.

“They’re unprofessional and uncalled for,” Mack continued. “It’s not acceptable. You can’t be taking a shot,” Mack continued. “When they become general manager of a football club, they can make those decisions.”

The Bombers didn’t add any new pieces to their roster Wednesday – the first day free agents could sign with new teams – and lost two key players from last year’s roster in Brendon LaBatte and Greg Carr.

Mack added that Beasley had already apologized for his tweet and that he thinks the team will be able to replace LaBatte and Carr with players already on the roster and import signings.

This is why Twitter is a bad idea. These guys aren't the first public figures to post angry comments without thinking first. Once you post something, it's out there for all to see, and you can't take it back. Sure, you can delete the tweet, but it'll live on in the media and among fans.

Really shows how little confidence and respect the players have for the leader of their franchise. What's Mack going to do about it? Not much, that's what.

Come on, sack up and take a stand Mack - - release Hefney and Beasley and show everybody who's in control out there in Winnipeg.

A player has a right to his opinion. Twitter is a personal account. Sports teams have to learn to deal with it.

sack up and release players?? how is that sacking up if he did that, that'd be taking the cowards way of handling things, confront the players like he did and prove to them what he's doing is for the better.

We lost 3 players other than Labatte the other 2, have yet to prove 1- that they are studs in this league and 2- they can stay healthy for a full season. don't get me wrong im pissed about the whole Carr situation.

Labatte that was outta of the GM's hand he's a Sask boy he wanted to go home, i think it was 2 weeks ago one reporter said he was offered a really good deal by the bombers turned it down.

Heck if we somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat and sign Fantuz we will have 3 solid canadian receivers in the starting lineup meaning we can try-out more American O-linemen to give our QB's better protection and these guys will come by cheap as 1st year players.

I promise you even if he pulled an elephant out of his rear and signed Fantuz. The bombers would not start 3 Canadian receivers and I can't remember ONE team that has won a Grey Cup with 3 import olinesmen. Ever.

He's just jealous because his team doesn't have the depth or the recruiting that the Bombers do.

I can't remember ONE team that has won a Grey Cup with 3 import olinesmen. Ever.
Baltimore Stallions.

Who is starting 3 import's on the oline?

Nice call on baltimore btw.

They were ratio exempt. But techniccaly you are right

Yes, an asterik Grey Cup Champion* for sure.

if we got Fantuz your telling me we wouldn’t start Watson, Poblah and Fantuz all on the starting lineup. if not please tell me who we’d be playing because Carr and Edwards and Denmark were are imports last year so Edwards and Denmark would be the ones fighting to get playing time.

Even at best we’d probly still have 3 non imports playing the line with the luxury of not having to worry about a ratio buster if one goes down ( Morley, Khan, Greaves and we have yet to see what Dunn is capable of)

I wasn't aware the Bombers has released their starting line up. It's true, they did not do well in the FA market but there is only so much money under the cap. Still 4 months to go so let's just wait and see.

So much for that idea. Now what?

I think Jarious Jackson and Dalton Bell are still available. Mack seems to be intent on spending all his cap space on QB, so he might as well add these two stiffs to go along with the Three Stooges and make it a full house.