What a difference?

Well have been going to the Stamps TC everyday now. Full camp this morning. And Als fans I have to tell you Chris Jones and his defensive staff are unbelievable compared to anything I have seen. Chris Jones and Cornell Brown has brought a new meaning to camp. They had these guys hustling like I have never seen before. The over all camp is totally different then the past. More organized and well run with many different drills. The camp has been very well run and at this time there is some surprises out there. The young olineman are looking very good. There are a few receivers that are going to press our vets. All the Qb's are looking good. Tom Forzani's son has been looking not bad. The receiver that is showing his stuff is Ryan Thewell. Tiger Cat fans Armour and Anderson have been impressive. Rasheed new linebacker has been very impressive as well. And Karikari looked good as well in his natural position. But again this was the first full practice so we will see how it goes.
Huff has also shown great skill in leading his troops out there.

I woould expect nothing less from Huff. Is it too early to declare him a candidate for Coach of the year? It will be interesting to watch the battle of Alberta. It has been a while since it has been a battle, looking forward to it.

Great to hear. But just remember, everyone looks good on the first day of training camp. Everyone's fresh, no one is banged up.

Still, I expect great things from Calgary this year.

I honestly think this will be one of the most competitive seasons in recent years in the CFL.

Well being at the last 10 TC you see the coaching staff and how a camp goes. this by far is the biggest difference I have seen yet.

Hey Red are you saying how last year with the Higgins regime it was disorganized? Or, is this so much superior to last and many other years?

No offense to Tom but this one is far more superior and to me the coaches have much better drills then previous.

Players prespective:

PATRICK: "It's hard work!"

June 1, 2008

Man, the first practice of camp was a tough one. It was more than I expected. I didn’t think it was gonna be that hard. Our defensive line coach (Cornell Brown) had us going through it. He was in there doing drills, rapid fire. I worked out all season for this day but I didn’t know it was going to be that hard, man. It was hard to think, to be mentally strong and not get tired at the same time.

But on the other hand, it was good. It’s hard work. We know that coming into camp every year is going to be hard work. But hard work pays off. It’s not like I mind it. It takes a toll but it’s fun. That’s the main part of playing football is to have fun, to go out there and play.

We got to meet a lot of the players and got to understand what the defensive coaches are like. A lot of the guys out there look good. We’ve got some great athletes.

As for the defences, for now, they’re easy to understand so a lot of the guys are excited about that. In the past we had a little more difficult defence. I’m excited to go back out there this afternoon and keep it going. I’m excited about the season. I like what I’ve seen out there.

Since I’ve been up here in Calgary (since 2005) we had the same defensive staff and this year is new. So it’s a lot different and it’s fun. These coaches are fun. They’re intense. They’re more intense than I’m used to and they filled my expectations. I was in Calgary in the off-season and they talked about how things were going to be. They can talk about it, but you gotta see it to know it’s true. And they proved it today. Everything they talked about in the off-season — it’s going to be this it’s going to be that — they came through. And that’s good to see, you want a coach that is not going to B.S. you, so that was a good thing. We know where the coaches are going right now and where this whole team is going, so I’m very excited about that.

Terrence Patrick

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LEWIS: Loving and hating training camp

May 30, 2008

Hey, this is Nik Lewis.

I am really excited about the upcoming training camp. After hanging around the stadium for the last couple of days seeing all the new faces means it's time to go out and perform again.

I love meeting the new players that come in looking to earn a spot on the team just as I did once before. They arrive not knowing really what to expect, and they form little groups to hang out in. Some are lucky and have a vet that they know from the past to hang out with and show them around.

I wasn't that lucky. In fact I didn't know anybody on the team, or any of the rookies coming into camp. After a day of practice and talking to other people you slowly start to move towards your group. Then once the group forms you hope nobody in that group gets cut.

That's always the worst part of camp at least for me. I have never been cut, and I hope that I never get cut, but others get cut and it's like taking a small piece of the dream away. They still have the opportunity to find another team, but as we all know it doesn't always happen.

This is a new year with new players and new coaches, and I am really looking forward to forming our team for this year. All of our coaches are on the same page and all the players are on board for a exciting year. The receiving core is really close and lately all we can talk about is getting back on the field putting up better numbers then last year. We feel that we have the talent to move the ball consistently up and down the field. As for our defence, (Fans you should be really pumped up for Chris Jones) they will be among the best in the league, and force a lot of turnovers.

It's time for training camp, and for the players that means: one good meal a day, 12- to 14-hour days at the stadium, feeling the pressure to perform when your body is tired, your mind is tired and you just don't feel like being there.

Every day you go out and put your body on the line to let your teammates know that no matter how tough it gets you are always going to give everything you have.
I hope to see all the great fans in the stands for training camp.

Nik L.

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Chris Jones is a good DC red05, you guys are going to like his defence.