What a difference a year makes.

Congratulations to the CFL for going from fines for wearing pink during October to encouraging players to wear pink. I didn't and still don't agree with the fining of players last year but I am happy that the league has done what I consider the right thing. :thup: :thup:

I have a problem with it. I'm sure I'll get jumped on for this, but here goes anyway. . .

Why is breast cancer singled out? Why not wear something special for other forms of cancer? There's lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer. . . why is breast cancer more deserving of the CFL's attention?

I stand to be corrected, but I recall reading somewhere that more men die annually from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer. Since 100% of CFL players are men, would it not make more sense for them to be trying to raise awareness regarding prostate cancer? Again, I stand to be corrected, but I do believe that breast cancer research already gets more funding than does prostate cancer research.

I had a friend once say to me that after decades and decades of lots and lots of money being put into research for the various forms of cancer, that it's about time medical science finally gave us some value in return and found a cure. If they can't find a cure after all these decades and all this money, then just admit that there's no cure, and we can put all that money into something worthwhile instead of throwing it away on something that cannot be accomplished.

Food for thought, anyway, not that I necessarily agree with it.

Because the breast cancer industry is a huge corporate money maker. The charity aspect of it is secondary, at best. It's quite an effective scam.

I will probably get jumped on far worse than you but that's fine.

I don't support giving money to large corporations that profit billions from keeping people sick.

It's not like poppies. A pacifist can wear a poppy because it is support of veterans, not necessarily war.

But this whole pink stuff. Weekend to end breast cancer. I don't believe it. The drug companies and the mammography machine makers, they are NOT interested in curing cancer and putting themselves out of business.

There are many people in the system, doctors nurses, who work very hard to help people. They are absolutely doing what they believe are right, and I salute them for that. But I disagree with them. If you work in the system, remember that the system's main objective is to maintain the system above all.

I support people being well. This is not the way.

Well, I'm not going to jump on you Jack. I agree 100%. I get into a fight with my wife every time this comes up and it's ever since this type of cancer has been favoured as the type to cure. As far as I'm concerned this is sexist,( being a male in this society), I don't get to use that term much. My point is that all types of cancer should be targeted.Do these people ever think that by aiming at breast cancer alone, they ignore cancers that affect children , both girls and boys? I give to the cancer charities that want all types cured.

I think you really miss the point. The main purpose for breast cancer awareness programs is not totally to raise money. This programs prime purpose is to raise awareness and to encourage women to get tested. I participated today in a prostate cancer program where men over 40 (me) were tested. Amongst those promoting this were Stamps and Flames alumni. At no point were we asked for money.

As with most people out there, I have lost close family and friends to breast cancer. Making people aware and encouraging women to get tested is a good thing.

And no one is saying that it isn't, voice.

My quibble was why is breast cancer singled out ? Why is the CFL interested in encouraging women to get tested (a good thing) not also interested in ecouraging men to get tested for other forms of cancer (also a good thing) ?

How much money does a mammagram cost? They don't do it for free. And a mammagram isn't the healthiest thing to do to a breast.

It's like flu shots. Vaccines usually do more harm than good, but they raise awareness and provide "free" vaccines, which are free to the public but the government (taxpayers) pick up the bill. So they do this awareness campaign, scare people into getting an unnecessary shot and make billions.

This may sound like a rant. That's because it is. but it's still valid.

And I very much do respect your stance. I just don't agree with it.

If they can't find a cure after all these decades and all this money, then just admit that there's no cure, and we can put all that money into something worthwhile instead of throwing it away on something that cannot be accomplished.

Mad, cancer is some 200 diseases and it's very complicated. Think about it for a minute, the medical community doesn't even know how to grow hair sufficiently for men with male pattern baldness and that's a single phenomena, not a disease, but the human body is very complicated. Now take all the variant forms of cancer and their different causes and different diagnoses at different stages in different people with different genetic makeups... well you get my drift. Cell signalling pathways and the metastatic process whereby cells are able to migrate from a primary tumour and remain undetected to our immune system is incredibly complicated to figure out, I work with cancer researchers and do have some idea here. Believe me, they want to find a cure for all cancers, but modern medicine and biological research and methods is actually quite new.

End of rant. :cry:

Understood Earl, just realize please that what you quoted from my post was not my personal opinion, but one that was expressed to me some time ago.

....Very good debate....I have to agree, putting the spotlight on one type of cancer does 'seem' to make it a priority...BUT throwing awareness out there and keeping this dreaded disease in focus for the public is not in anyway 'slighting' other forms of this killer....I know the search for a cure seems miles away sometimes, AND other times news stories about differing and advanced treatment are always coming on board....EXAMPLE ..There was an announcement recently of a vaccine that can combat this disease....Hopefully ' all types of cancer 'one day will be beaten...Giving all that we can in ANY MANNER, to it's eventual eradication is okay with me..

While I understand your position on flu vaccines (while not necessarily agreeing to it), please do not lump all vaccines into this. Here is a good visual representation of why those people against vaccines are nutty. It's funny too

[url=http://www.cancer.ca/ontario/about%20us/od-mark%20your%20calendar/october%20is%20breast%20cancer%20awareness%20month.aspx?sc_lang=en]http://www.cancer.ca/ontario/about%20us ... sc_lang=en[/url]

I'm glad the CFL is doing this as October is breast cancer awareness month, so thus I agree with the opening post by voice. It must be difficult for a female to have one breast removed, let alone the feelings one may suffer.

Maybe we can all look at breast cancer as a symbol for all cancers. Women have been very vocal about their health while men tend to, or have tended to in the past, not want to talk about their health as much.

So let's think that pink represents all the various cancers out there and while more money might be going for breast cancer research, some of that research will translate to other cancers and hopefully help find a cure or at least the ability to treat all cancers as a chronic disease, one that won't kill you or affect your quality of life much but still resides in you, under control.

You need to be careful with vaccines. The H1N1 vaccine is one thing, but stuff like Polio vaccines save lives and massive amount of dollars at the same time. As with anything else there's a question of when it's worth it.

so let me ask you this..

if your Mother.. or Wife said she has Breast Cancer, and because more people like you have this attitude, she can't get treatment and will die.

will you change your mind?

How does the league mandating that its players wear or not wear pink stop anyone from getting treatment?

so, cflisthebest, let me ask you this..

do you read what people post or just take out enough to fire up an unnecessary tirade?

Don't get me wrong, I like breasts and wish they could eradicate any cancer concerned, but don't you think there might be some voices raised if there was a charity that ONLY wanted to help freckle faced boys under ten who had leukemia?

So let me ask you this...

If your father or brother said he had prostate cancer and because breast cancer gets a massively disproportionate amount of dollars he can't get treatment and will die.

Will you change your mind?

...I think the reason breast cancer gets more awareness than prostrate cancer right now is simply a timing issue...seems breast cancer awareness began many years ago whilst prostrate cancer awareness has only recently gained the same level of public awareness, mainly driven by the changing attitudes of stuffy old men who used to say 'I ain't letting you put your finger THERE Doc'...mamograms have been going on for decades and breast self-examination is relatively easy, direct prostrate checks and PSA tests have gained popularity in what? the last 10 years or so?

...there was a campaign held yesterday here in Calgary to try to break the record for the most men to receive a PSA test in an 8 hour period, and many hundreds turned out, so the message must be getting out there....Harley Hotchkiss, the recently deceased majority owner of the Flames, donated millions to prostrate cancer research before his passing, having been diagnosed about a year or two ago...

...so I would imagine in the next 5 years or so the two will be more-or-less on an even playing field in terms of funding, research and, hopefully, solutions..