What a difference a Herdman makes

Since he switched from coaching Canada's women's soccer to coaching the men, the Women,s team has slipped a little while the men's team is really improving.

Great 4-1 win today over panama.


This would seem to be the best Canadian team ever and I see your performance as on the rise the most.

It also seems though that World Cup qualifiers in CONCACAF and in Europe are rather dull overall, but that's just me.

For CONCACAF it's USA Mexico and Canada now though Panama lurks.

In Europe there are no real surprises with the usual suspects.

I don't like these international breaks and can't wait for league and tournament play to re-start this weekend into the rest of the month.

Its nice to see them do well.
Hopefully they are more ready than the Cdn mens Basketball team.
Both have lots of skill, but so far the soccer team is handling it better.

Looking forward to the rest of the qualifier.
Big opportunities for Canada at home, very interested to see how they handle going into Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador. In the past these locations seemed to be pretty tough to play in.

Two things bother me about FIFA now beyond having the World Cup in Qatar starting in November next year let alone the awful human story it took to make this happen as exposed years ago yet forgotten already.

  1. World Cup expanded to 48 teams for 2026 - this is a seriously watered-down slate. When you examine for example the European qualifying now, there are not big surprises. The eight group winners will advance, and then the second place teams go into a playoff for the rest of the slots. If you watched Euro 2020 last summer, you saw readily a lot of mediocrity to mediocrity plus amongst many sides, so now we are going to have more of these sides and lower from all over the world?

  2. VAR not used in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying play - this reality is beyond unreasonable given that the technology is affordable in the Western Hemisphere and where it is not, there are ample resources to make it happen especially from North America and the most nations in South America. CONCACAF already has used the technology for other competitions too.

not sure how I feel about the 48 teams, but I fully agree on VAR.