What a difference a day makes...24 little hours

Isn't it funny how our whole love rollercoaster with this team has changed with this one game.
The whole team came to play to win this one. Using Richie's strengths....sprint option plays...the argo D was off balance all night long.
It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off the whole city....feels good. :cowboy:

I'm still not sold on anything, there's still a lot of question marks on defence and we still need to prove that our offence can produce against a team not called the Argo's.

If we can get a win streak going then it's time to get excited.

Sure, but sometimes it just feels good to forget the analysis and just revel in a good old-fashioned Argo-stomping.

There'll be plenty of time for analysis after the next loss, which is bound to come soon enough.

I can go to work and brag for one whole week. I am in heaven!