What a difference 3 days make!!!!!!!

I just want to congratulate the whole Tigercats organization especially Bob Young for beating out everyone in the CFL especially, the Argo's and Montreal in signing Casey Printers.Never have we had the Highest paid player in the CFL playing for us in his prime!What a week we went from a devestating loss on Monday to a newly inspired second half of the season.We went from writing off the season to posssibly turning it around ! BOb Young you deserve to have sellouts the rest of the season for this move!

Agreed, Bob Young is untouchable. He deserves sell outs. He's done everything in his power to make the Cats better. What an owner.

The last time I was this excited about a QB signing, was when the Cats inked Matt Dunigan, we were off to a great 4-0 start until that disastrous hit that caused his retiring concussion!!

I'm more looking forward to NEXT season after the offense has been learned by Printers, this season is just a get to know each other finish.

It'll still be fun to watch the 2nd half of the season!!

PS. This signing is the direct result of 2 more season tickets sold next year, I'm in!!