What a differance a decade makes

I suggest everyone reads this column by Glen Suitor from TSN.
I really liked it.

I think he's especially right when he talk about Mark Cohon. With all due respect to the people before him, I think he'll go down as one of the best commissioners the league's had. Everything he's done from expansion, to the new CBA to the NFL in Toronto has been done with out most class and professionalism. There's no question in my mind, he's the right guy to steer the CFL in it's most prosperous times.

Apparently there is revenue sharing as part of the new CBA. If this is the case, it's about time the BOG came to their senses. In any league teams go through cycles and you can only be as strong as your weakest link. Making sure those teams are well supported is key to success.

Go read it : http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=323185

Rookies report in a couple of days!!!

The CFL is thriving, a strike defintely would've killed the momentum and brought back losses.Glad that's behind us though.Love the work that Cohon's done and he's correct in stating that the southern Ontario is a losing market right now as the Argos suck and the Ticats have just finally stopped losing on a regular basis.A note to Argo fans, no matter how bad your team is, buy tickets and go anyways.Hell, I enjoyed attending the crap seasons in Hamilton just because the CFL is such a beautiful game to watch.And it was kind funny watching 1000 ways to lose.
Here's to mucho success for the CFL for many more years to come :thup:

Wow a topic just about all of us can agree on? Mr. Moderator, any moderator, will there be a commemoration of this occasion? Is there a secret prize? Have we made CFL Forum history here on 1 June 2010? :thup:

Just based on your recommendation Geroy Simon that article will be a "printer," as in one I will actually print out here at work and read in depth later so thanks in advance. :thup:

Truly, though some of us don't like certain teams (cough, cough, cough, clear throat, loogie) with no need for me to mention particular names, we would rather see all teams succeed at least in attendance and with off-the-field matters so that the CFL can establish some solid ground for overdue expansion to ten teams. :slight_smile:

You'd have to be nuts no matter what your nationality to argue against more CFL football! :rockin:

Cohon has his detractors, and they have expressed their opinion on this board on a number of occasions, but I'm not one of them. I just can't imagine a better commissioner for the league. The BoG would be wise to extend his contract now while the getting is good. His enthusiasm for the game is also infectious.

Jake Gaudaur also did a great job, and gave the league stability in the early days of the modern era. May he rest in peace knowing that the league he helped build is in good hands.

i AGREE Mark Cohon is one of the best we have ever had, the only thing i dissagred on was letting David Brailey owning two teams, besides that he has and will do a masterfull job.

considering the deal has yet to be ratified, and the details of the agreement haven't been reported yet, how can suitor write an artile on 'here-say'?

the revenue sharing he seems to speak of, is sharing revenue with the players, not amongst teams.
im guessing he means, players will receive a higher percentage of league revenues, thus the cap will go up.

IMO, this article is a little premature.

I think Cohon has a ways to go to equal Tom Wrights accomplishments, SMS, Touchdown Atlantic, Working through new ownership for Toronto and Hamilton... but so far he has done the league and us fans well. He also connects well with the 20 and 30 something better than any other Commish the league has named. Bringing young people to become fans will be an important part of the league's future success IMO.

Tom Wright actually found owners for the Argonauts, Cohon called Braley :slight_smile:

Well Suitor seems to be pretty connected to league issues.
Anyways, wasn't it reported that the players will just get a designated amount for the cap, which will increase every year but with no bearing to do with league revenue?
In that case I'd assume it is among the teams.

Anyways, I guess we'll find out.

Now if He could only do something with merchandising that would be cool.

we need to take TSN for all they're worth when the Contract is up!

We deserve a big fat contract from TSN or even CBC if we must together. no more tiny contracts.

I also think that our league needs to get its Ass in gear about merchandise.

there's money to be made there and they are still not quite in the boat there!

I truly believe this league could be awesome and super rich if they did things like the NFL.

they need to release DVD's about the Seasons in review... they need to have celebrities get involved!

they need to get their superstars into TV commercials, and get out there to the stores like Jersey City and Champs!

This league needs to exploit this game as much as they can! stop hiding!!!

Pigs must be flying, I can’t believe I agree with CFL on every point in his post. Did someone hijack his account?

Haha, when the guy talks purely CFL, there's no denying he's a good poster.
When it comes to the riders, he drinks too much kool-aid, that's all.
I too agree with what he said. Especially the new tv deal and merchandising. There's not enough.

I like Suitor's sentiment, but whoever the editor of that piece was ought to be fired.

Lets hope the next decade continues like this. If it can, we may finally get to stop having expansion debates because it will have already happened! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding? I imagine expansion will only encourage the expansionists.

Yeah, they'll think they're winning. What they really need is a good dose of contraction to set them straight.

That'll be the following decade. 10's are for expansion, 20's are for contraction. It's an endless cycle.

What an ugly cycle. It causes mass confusion and frustration. Not at all unlike another endless cycle, but its monthly...
Ya, expansion, you'll never win there!

I agree with most of this but without TSN I'm not sure this League still exist now . take a look how Friday night Football has taken off, so the popularity of the CFL is a direct result of TSN so why hose them .
If I was the CFL I would try and get a better contract and maybe then give more control to TSN in CFL merchandising maybe they can do a better job then what the CFL has been doing.

"which league final would you rather attend?", is the poll on canoe.ca.
i encourage everyone to vote Grey Cup, which is currently in second.