What a crock.

I'm listening to the 5th quarter. Everybody is saying how Maas is the best thing since sliced bread. What a joke. Now he's the man and we are on our way to the grey cup. Unbelievable. Never heard so much bul..i. in my life.
For a month I've heard how he sucks and get rid of him. Now he is the quaterback of the future. HMMMM.
Yes he has dissapointed me this season but I knew there was a game coming up where they were going to break out.

Agreed, tonight's win came from good special teams, and an outstanding front four on D.

I guess you never listen to Leaf fans calling in to the FAN590.

Lose a game, and it's fire the coaches and trade everyone.

Win a game, and it's all the way to the Stanley Cup.

Yah Maas is pretty bad…

You have to look beyond the ticats record. All year Maas has played behind an ineffective offensive line, his receivers were not on the same page as him and often did not come back or even fight for the ball. With the change in offensive co-ordinatior Maas is comming around. You will see next year when the cats have a winning record.

By the way who would you put in as QB?. Look at Eakins record it is worse than Maas's and his passes just wobble.

Come on Mass was great in the first half of the game.

Maas played well tonight. He had some zip on his throws and his stats were fairly decent.

It wasn't great...but decent. Something to build on.

What are you talking about???

that happens on Mojo 640… not the fan…

:D:D:D:D:D lol

The biggest complaint I've seen from you guys about Maas was that he was looking laboured on his deep passes. Tonight was the first night I've seen any fight from your receivers, and if the almost-catch by Peterson was complete, he would have had even better stats on his long passes. From what I can tell, he's starting to connect and I think things will come around for you guys soon. Maybe too late for this year, but soon.

Yup it is a crock he wins a game where he knows the other teams playbook and tendecies big deal show me the next two games bigboy! :roll:

Cats 99

How does knowing the other teams play book help your offence. It would help the defence.

This was probably the first game where the receivers fought for the ball and the first game where Maas threw well.

It’s all coming together.

Pretty much standard through sports, the variation

Lose a game, and it's fire the coaches and trade everyone.

Win a game, and it's all the way to the (insert Trophy here) Cup.