What A Comeback Victory!!

Well, it was the most dismal three quarters of offence in a long time (six first downs) but the fourth quarter provided enough excitement for any Leo fan's heart and more!! These are some reflections:

  1. The defence held us in the game long enough to provide the opportunity for the come from behind victory. Based upon how many times they were out on the field and the poor field position they inherited from offensive turnovers our defence was amazing. Young and Marsh continue to play extremely well with sure tackling and excellent cover, Phillips was a blanket out there, and Tiller made big plays constantly. Floyd, Simpson, and Kidd were solid and Kidd's blitz sack was a thing of beauty. Floyd made some big tackles. Johnson's play against the run is impressive for a pass rusher, Ferrarra had his best game of the season and his sack was pure effort, Wilson showed his athleticism. The only weak spot on the Leos defence was Washington who again was picked on and missed a couple of key tackles. The reason he leads the Leos in tackles are because the recievers he covers are always making catches. What was impressive was how the defence continued to give it their all when there was little offence to motivate them.

  2. Buck Pierce was amazing. We all saw his poise in his exhibition game, his training camp, and his limiited action last game. I'm a big Printers fan but it was obvious that Printers is not physically or mentally prepared to play at present. I was calling for Pierce to come in if Printers didn't move the ball on his first two series of the second half. Printers shoulder injury took the decison away from Buono. Buono has a tendancy to stick with his starter through thick or thin and I wonder if we would have seen Pierce without the injury. Anyway that's academic. What I saw in Pierce was mind blowing. His poise, his ability to read the defence, his 'feel' of the game and his decision making were incredible. He handled the blitz better than I've seen Dickenson or Printers this year. He understood to throw short and deep against the blitz. He threw short when the blitz was in his face quickly. When he found time he hung in there and threw deep three times, realizing the safety wasn't there. He looked downfield and not at the line. He showed the sixth sense to run at just the right time and was very effective.
    He threw the crossing pattern earlier against the zone than Printers or even Dickenson, providing the reciever time to look up after the catch rather than getting his head taken off by the inside halfback zeroing in for a kill shot.
    It was less than a half of play but for a 23 year old with only a few reps of game time you couldn't help but be blown away.

  3. The story of this game will be Buck Pierce but Clermont and Simon could also share the limelight offensively. Cleremont made some incredible catches in the fourth quarter and Simon's catch and run to make a first down and his long catch and run to the one yard line were huge plays. Cleremont and Simon, two veterans, really stepped up to rally the team alongside Pierce. The offensive line, which had a poor game overall, played much better in the fourth quarter and gave Pierce some needed time on a few fourth quarter long passing plays.

  4. Casey Printers is not the same Casey Printers of last year at present. It's much more than teams knowing his tendancies. His throwing is not accurate. He threw some incredible passes last year. The shoulder is obviously not right. He also seems to have lost his confidence. I know some say he's a hotdog but like Carl Kidd he needs to play with some swagger. With no off-season regimen, limited training camp, and not enough practice reps this year he's not in sync mentally. His reads are too slow and he's trying too hard. He's also looks frustrated with himself. He's almost one second behind at times in the pace of the game. I understand why the Leos wanted him to play with Dickenson's injury as the only seasoned backup. Printers also wanted to play. However with Pierce's performance now is the time to rest Printers arm and let him slowly build back his confidence and mental part of the game when he is also physically able to do the things he has in the past.

  5. Our quarterback depth is really coming through. Wally made the right decison to carry four quarterbacks this season. Our two starters, while great when healthy, have had serious injuries...Dickenson (knee, shoulder) and Printers (toe, rotator cuff). Having quarterback depth behind these two is important. The undefeated record is less important than being ready for the playoffs. We need to make sure that Dickenson and Printers are fully healed and not rush either back. A couple of weeks ago I posted that we might need all four quarterbacks before this season is over. I wrote it but I'm not really sure I believed it myself. If Pierce starts against Ottawa we're only one play away from Jackson at quarterback.

  6. The Leos offence this year or at least their game plans seem to be designed for quarterbacks like Dickenson or Pierce. The Leos seem to have no designed rollouts or slide protection plays for quarterbacks like Printers or Jackson. In the first half, with Printers obviously struggling the two plays that worked were the screen (Julio Caravetta calls it a lost art in the CFL) and the dump pass to Warren. I thought the Leos should have forced Printers into quicker, high percentage passes to get his game going. I also thought they needed to establish the running game in the first half and they didn't. However Printers play was the main problem, along with the offensive line. Of course the Leos ran the fake to Warren and nakedbootleg again, this time for both a hit on Printers and an interception. Saskatchewan runs the same play with a guard pulling in front of Greene...and it worked very well.

I'm still 'amping' over the comeback win....three quarters of misery turned into a fourth quarter of heart pumping excitement. You gotta love it!!!

Hats off to BC - you came through when it counted last night, that's certain. Good on Pierce, too. BC looks to be solid at QB. Hang on to 'em!

It might not have been pretty for either team, but excellent job on the win at any rate.

That was one of the most defensive games I've ever seen. Printers was having a real tough time, and the O-line just wasn't getting the job done. If it hadn't been for the D, we would have lost last night...and I'm sorry to the Sask fans, but fior the Lions to lose against SK would have been pretty sad.

I expect the Leos to lose soon, but against TO or Edm, not SK.

Every big savings begins with a Buck! I'm telling you I've seen it time and time again, Buck Pierce is the real deal ! Yes he' s a Rookie, but I feel you just saw the future Lion King!

Last night there was a buzz on the post game radio show with the 1040 guys and the callers that was stronger than any game this year. It truly was Buck Pierce night.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Just think next year when Printers goes to the NFL, Buck will be our backup.

Are you ready?

Nothing like saving a "Buck" in the bank when you need it.

I won't give up my day job.....

Actually, I'm retired...I have no day job.

You gotta believe it!!....smooth as a babies bum for years to come.....and to think I got nailed to the cross for doubting! gabby3

One thing that I thought about since Saturday’s game…Casey is injured, and in his option year, is not going to have the history that he needs to either make it in the NFL, or here in the CFL.

From his POV, I think he made a BIG mistake in not accepting that $1 million dollar offer in the spring. With the shoulder problems he’s been having, I just can’t see anyone wanting to take the risk in picking him up as a first stringer, at least not at this point in time.

One thing that I thought about since Saturday's game...Casey is injured, and in his option year, is not going to have the history that he needs to either make it in the NFL,
I never thought that Casey was ever going to the NFL at this stage of his career, even if he was healthy and was having a similar year to last year. He might have gotten a tryout or been a clipboard holder unless he got a lucky break. He's not an NFL style quarterback.

Casey is designed for the CFL, when healthy and running an offence that is compatible with his style of play. Right now his stock is very down. I agree with you that he should have signed the one million dollar contract offer in the spring. It showed the Leos were committing to him long term. He got bad advice period and having an uncle as an agent was not a good move and makes things complicated if you don’t follow his advice. I don’t think Casey will get the same offer at the end of the season.

I don't think he will either. I did not realize that Casey's uncle was his agent...on the one hand, it's not a bad idea to have family looking after you. OTOH, it is a bad idea, because family is unable to be objective, and that, IMO, is what Casey needed in the spring. An agent that could be objective, and had experience with football players, and would have an idea of what injuries will take to fully heal. A good agent would have told Casey to make the deal a 2 year with a 3rd year option, at which point he could renegotiate if he was in a position to do so.

Whats the Golden rule? Never hire friends or relatives.

and that is a good rule…one I think Casey will regret when he doesn’t get that $333,000 next year.

fellow cfl ers and especially all you righteous members of the Pride...Lion's Pride that is...I'm a desperate candian living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (originally from B.C.) who needs some cfl coverage (more importantly Lions coverage), but does not know how to get it from down here. If anyone can come to my aid with information...cable, internet, satelite...on how to get my cfl feeding I will be one eternally greatfull Lions fan.


Why? The Riders are just as good as TO and Edmonton this year if not for a few lucky bounces. Both games they played were down to the wire. 37-36 win over Edmonton and a 26-27 loss to TO. All 3 are evenly matched in my opinion and there is no shame losing to any of the 3. Oh yeah you guys already owned TO this season both games. Unless you mean you expect to lose to them in the GC again. :smiley: