What a comeback-Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best fans in Canada come from Saskatchewan as was clearly evident on televison today in Calgary!!! What a tremendous comeback by the Riders. Never quitting even when questionable calls were going against you. Congrats to Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers the architects of this team. Henry Who!!!!!!!!!!!! What a total team effort!!! Gosh the Rider fans made more noise than the Stamps fans. My prediction of a Rider - Winnipeg will not happen because Winnipeg blew the lead they had well into the fourth quarter but that is football.
Coach Barrett out coached Coach Higgins today. I felt sorry for Henry but he was awful with some terrible decisions on throws!!
Riders Rule the Stamps today!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide.
Don't miss a short kick next week Paul or it will be "...deja vu all over again!" -Yogi Berra).

what no song??? ... sheesh your loosing it turkey! haha- was a good game and i feel the positive vibes you type with in your post... :thup:


Stamps shouldn't have even had that 21-5 lead. There offence was playing bad starting with the 2nd drive of the game.

Whether it was Burris & company playing like crap, or the sask defence shutting them down; props to them and good luck in the playoffs.

As a Stamps fan this is tough to say. I will be rooting for you in the playoffs and i think this might be the year Saskatchewan wins the Greycup.

ANY ONE buying your GREY CUP tickets , yet?

Ain't that the truth ht. If all u Riders fans are so confident, how many of you have bought GC tickets already.

Nice Win Riders :thup:

Now Follow Through! :thup: :thup:

Yes , they have to get there first.

Their road to the CUP goes through B.C. :rockin:

That is a pretty BIG road block if you ask me.

Couldn't agree more buddy. Hopin' to see your Argos and my Lions meet again in the GC.

ya i just bought mine off a Crygary Stumperders fan who thought there team was goin to be there :lol:

...another example of poor winning.....

ya ok and all the Calgary fans are just angels!! :roll: :lol:

...the ones that have been on here have been....there's taking a win in stride and being happy and proud of it and then there's yoru attitude, looks bad on your brethern....cocky and smug....

:roll: wut ever!! :lol:

...hey, be cocky and smug, it's your rep not mine....sorry if I made ya blush and remember your manners...

I got them, but I go every year so that doesn’t count

I hope that all you Rider fans come to BC Place on sunday and try and make the same kind of statement as in Calgary. In 2004 honestly there was very little Rider fan presence. I sat in the bottom around the 10 yard line. This year I'm up top on the lions side, I hope you guys buy up whole sections on the top deck visitors side and we can hurl insults across the dome! Calgary Fans you embarased your selves by leaving early in a 11 point game with 2 minutes left. Watching the NFL to much? Those who left showed their true colors.

I hope the Rider faithful will show up at BC Place. It'll be a fun time. The more, the merrier. I always have fun with opposing fans. In general, they're all good people.