What A Class Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I jusr read in the Spec that Dante Marsh of the B.C. Lions came into the Ti-Cat locker room and gave the team a pep talk.....
How many players do you know that would do that?Icant think of any.
Thanks Dante you are a class act,we need more athletes like you......

I read that this morning and thought that it was very classy. There's one BC Lion that I don't hate :wink:

before, during, or after the game??

after the game

Yes...that sure sounds like a classy thing to do. But you know what? I'm in a vengeful kind of mood. So let's get even with Dante Marsh. Let's trade for him so he ends up on our team next season. hahahaha

Man...I wonder what he would think of that.

That is a very classy thing to do.

I remember Marsh's first game in the CFL.

It was also coach Marshalls first, and Danny Mac torched him worse than I have ever seen a DB torched.
It was such a beating, you had to fell for the guy.
Thought it would be his first and last CFL game.

Good things happen to good people, and I guess he falls in to that category

Not only was it classy it must have been a bit frightening for this young man to enter the opponents lair and to say the things he said from his heart. I have never heard of anything like this happening before. He treated a defeated team with respect and professionalism. Well done.

All athletes want to win every game but nobody wants to see a fellow athlete go through what the Ticat players went through this year. He even said he gave all the players respect because of the effort they put in a meaningless game. Because of that he felt the need to tell the players that.
Nothing worse than playing a game when the other team don't show up to try and make a contest out of it.
Awsome on him to do what he did.

:thup: :thup: Well Said!

Yep ... and Dante's "partner in crime" was Sam Young ... at the other corner

Prolly Sam Young helped him get into the 'Cat dressing room

Nice move .... Dante