What a catch!

That cath deserves its own thread imo. What a catch by Robert Edwards!

STEGAL made a great catch as well.
But it was called back!

This one was better and it wasnt called back! Ha! :wink:

THANK GOD :lol: :wink: :lol:

Both catches were amazing, but Edwards' deserve the Highlight of the Night title !

That Edwards catch will probably make its way onto TSN's intro video for next year. 8) :lol:

malveaux made some highlight hits tonight

yeah, great catch, but Hebert's interception should also make the season highlight as the best plays that were called back (by bad reffing)

that interception will always cast a shadow over the game, and that great catch.

Yeah that was a nice catch, along with a Franklin catch and a Milt catch called back.

Cant Winnipeg fans just say it was a great cath without adding the Stegall call? You didnt lose because of the refs, you lost becaus the Als are a better team.

I think we are or at least I am just noting that Stegalls catch was nice and probably nicer than edwards catch.

sry, I, for one, can't say that it was a great catch (which it was) w/o bring up hebert's overturned interception.