What a bonehead

Having read some of the more recent articles on the home page, this "ALS rule" guy seems to have a major hate on for Rider fans. I seem to recall this last year too. Having beat us in the last two GCs why the attitude. Is there some history I'm missing?

Hear, hear; and responds to every article that gets posted on the site too, and sometimes with the "LAST WORD".

The unfortunate reality of message boards. One day he’ll die by the same sword he is wielding now.

Well fortunately he's been banned from these forums.

I was wondering about that as he only posts on the CFL home page underneath the write-ups. I've been banned and or on other forums (hockey) in the past.....bottom line is you learn. Posting in a productive/contribute manner goes a long way I say. And of course the debate talk of which I'm no good at - that's my learning curve however. Rock on...

I noticed that too, though I would have thought he would also be banned from posting on articles too. Thanks for the history on the guy. I won’t get sucked in to reply posting to his comments. Backer, I’m learning too on a post I made that was more in the heat of the moment post and not well thought out. will try to do better but that’s the beauty of sports like football, you get caught up in those moments.

Here's hoping some other individuals learn from your wisdom! Rock on as well!!

Mercifully, Als rule has been banned from posting on these boards, as MadJack noted. He was flooding the Als forum with his nonsense for weeks. It got really old.

I had no idea you could comment on the news clips on the homepage. That's kinda funny.

Just login on the CFL home page where it says login/register and your in.