What a Baby...

Did u see DD throw a temper tantrum after he threw that 2nd interception in the the endzone? It was a clean play... He lost it, he took off his helmet and threw it. And as a result, he got a 15 yard penalty. I thought it was very childish.

I thought it was funny.

the game was all but over. It didnt affect the outcome. It was emotion. Not childish at all. He should be fined if the league has said anyone do so would be fined, but it was still an understandable act of frustration that didnt hurt anybody or the game.

OMG DD is human :o

Hey, at least he didn't headbutt anyone! We won't have to worry about an international enquiry!

Throwing a helmet is suspendable if spiking the football is penetizable

Is that a word?

"penetizable" HAHAHAhaaa!

He was penalized for it, thats all that play warranted, end of story.

off this topic but same game :cowboy: why is it.. each time we go to BC, there is always a problem with that time clock? :? is this wut they mean win home field advantage :roll: the CFL should look into this!! it happens way to much!

Yeah that's true. Every close home game I've seen in B.C. always seems to have some sort of questionable clock work. I know all teams do it a bit, but B.C. is really blatant about it.





Yeah, and the field maintenance/watering at CW, too. lol:

Thats ridiculous. It doesnt matter if the game was all but over. If somebody is gonna to throw something out, like anything at all, and you go and take it before they throw it away, then you stole it. Same thing here. If, God forbid, the riders fumbled it at some point, 15 yards out of field goal range than you would be saying something else. And we ALL know that anything can happen in the CFL. Doesnt matter how much time is left…

I think they do a pretty damn good job. And how exactly would the turf conditions not affect the eskimos as well anyways?

it was a wrong thing to do, but not childish.

According to the announcers in last night’s game, BC’s official time clock is not linked with the scoreboard timeclock, which occasionally causes some discrepancies, resulting in the need to reset the clock…

It seems that you are be the baby if you think he should be fined. nobody got hurt its not like he was trying to hit anybody.

I dont care that he didnt hit nobody, and iwasnt implying that he was trying to. Its just that he showed a huge amount of disrespect to the game, and to his equipment as stupid as that may sound. He makes money from the game, thats how he puts food on the table. Yet, he chooses to disrespect it. Thats ridiculous.

K his helmet hits the ground alot in a game when he is tackled one more time wont break it. and hey have more than one helmet in the storage room.

Your allowed to show your frusteration in a game. theres is nothing in the cfl rulebook that says you will be fined for throwing your helmet to the ground. Yes its a penalty but not a fine

Can't blame DD, heat the moment. I'm a Rider fan, but DD is a man, you have to give him credit for getting up after that brutal hit he took. He is a competitor..how if he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off smiling after the int?