What a 55 cent dollar will mean for the CFL?

As usual Bungle is taking the worst case scenario and passing it off as fact, in this case presenting it as what is being predicted when in fact it is some doomsday prediction from a fringe element when most reputatable finacial analysts are calling for a more modest 65-70. Bugle buggles the bangle again.

Maybe from his favourite TV show......The Price is Right !!! :roll: :wink:

what some of you guys forget is most US players would play football for next to nothing. The Areana leagues has no problem getting plaayers for 300 bucks a week. Most of these guys no nothing else but football.

Funny how when the dollar goes up the prices stay the same tho and they say the dollar has notbing to do with prices.

Then when the dollar drops, like back in 2002 when it was down to 62 cents, they claim prices have to go up because of the low dollar.

Like how when the dollar dropped this time video games went from 59.99 to 79.99

Lol can never win

Is bungle an economist now?

He knows for certain the cdn dollar will fall to 55cent US.

Maybe i should contact him to make my investments for me.

He uses the same mathematical formula he uses to estimate stadium attendence from a mere picture. :lol:

Well my source is none other than the Toronto Argonaunts. My source is CTV that is owned by bell which also own the Argos... If you guys just read the original post than it would be very clear.
It's funny how the first page,people actually discussed this topic. Then suddenly on the second page,people decided to go off topic and rip me instead. I hope early believe that this is because the late comers were too GD lazy to read the original post

I did read the "GD" post and as I said the 55 cent was the lowest estimate they found by a man named John Johnston (really you can't make up names like that) meanwhile Bank Of America forecast 65 cents and Mr Johnston also said this;

[i]That in mind, Johnston pointed out that forecasting the loonie’s value isn’t an exact science.

“One of the things we’ve learned as analysts over the past decade, with the amount of volatility we’re seeing in financial prices, is [to] never say never. I could see the Canadian dollar going up 10 cents next year and then coming down again. I could easily see it above 100 cents US again.?

So I stand by my original post
As usual Bungle is taking the worst case scenario and passing it off as fact

and I did read your link some blow it out your ear troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reread my original post... I say as low as

No, you said, "With the Canadian dollar expected to continue to free fall as low as 55 cents...." as if it were a widespread belief.

It's not.

Since 1950, the Cdn dollar vs. the US buck has spent most of it's time in the 80 to 90 cent range. In fact, it's NEVER been below 60 cents in that time and the only occasion it went below 70 cents (where most expect it to go, at worst, this round) was between 1997 and 2003...that's six years over a span of 65 years.

Perhaps you should rename yourself "Mr. Hyperbole"?

Beyond a few high profile players who may have negotiated contracts in US dollars, the spread in the exchange will have little, if any effect on the CFL except for payments from ESPN for rights, which would be in US dollars...but that wouldn't amount to much.

NHL, MLB, NBA...yeah....it's going to make things tough for Cdn teams no doubt, but CFL...Meh....

The thing is we don't know where it could end, he could be right. With dropping oil prices, an NDP government in Alberta and if we have an NDP government in Ottawa that want to put in carbon taxes and restrictions on oil exploration and tax corporations there could be huge sell off, that's the worst case scenario.

the 55 cent dollar will impact the CFL players a lot less than a lot of Canadian residents .
lets use an average minimum wage in Canada at $10.50 which is $21840 annually and you reference that the minimum salary in the CFL is $50000 which is roughly $24.00 per hr. its not hard to figure this one out unless I’m missing something ?
most people that I know would give anything to make CFL minimum salary and not have to work a full year for it.

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I do agree the dollar will still fall with the interest rates set to go up in the USA, most economists agree the dollar most likely wont go below 73 cents.

Canada did go into the 62 cent range in 86

oops I meant 69 cents

6 months of work and 4 hours a day during those 6 months.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Looks like it's beginning, China is collapsing as we speak and the Loonie in a free fall.

[url=http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/loonie-hits-11-year-low-as-china-crashes-oil-slides/ar-BBm2YwD]http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstori ... ar-BBm2YwD[/url]

I think if the plastic Canabuck drops to 55 cents US. The last thing I'll care about is what CFL imports are making. We will have much bigger things on our minds with next to no purchasing power in a consumption economy. Right now we are having a record year with exports. We raised our prices 12 percent on top of the gain in exchange between Quote and PO and our production is sold out into next year. So some lose but some win.