What 4 guys are you most interested in seeing this year?

  1. Jesse Lumsden with a full camp
  2. Zeke Moreno hoping our MLB problems are over
  3. Nick Setta you are our man
  4. Corey Holmes, I think he will be the team MVP this year

Corey Holmes at the 30
Corey Holmes at the 20
Corey Holmes at the 10

Oski Wee Wee,




Speaking about Lumsden, does anyone know if he will be giving it his all and is fully committed to a CFL career and won't have post NFL tryout type blues? I personally don't know him and think he can be a top back in the CFL but I hope he is fully committed after the NFL thing. I know some guys never flourished in the CFL after an NFL tryout thing and you have to wonder if it's a motivational issue in some cases.

If he wants to re-try the NFL one day he has no choice but to try to light it up with the Cats during his present contract. No one from the NFL will be interested in him otherwise. Remember, he has been out of college what, 2 years now? NFL scouts will be paying a lot more attention to younger prospects (who haven't failed in NFL camps TWICE ALREADY, like Lumsden has) unless Lumsden sets some serious records rushing with Hamilton in 2007.

Hard to narrow it down to players, I'll spin it this way, i'm focusing on 4 positions and a few players within each position that I will be watching

LB Dixon, Caver and Moreno.
WR Witherspoon, Alston, Curry, Dickerson and Bauman
RB Lumsden and Davis
K Setta (and any others added to roster)


Let "The Hamilton hottie scores more on the field" battlecry ring out loud this year... :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I'm sure Jesse understands the dynamics involved. For him to get serious NFL consideration, he's going to have to be lights out here. Kenton Keith is in a dogfight just to stick with the Colts, as an example...

I mean dogfight in the non-Vick sense. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


The newer young guys have to step up and make plays. Who would want to see the old guys who brought you a pathetic 4-win season? A new winning culture needs to be created.

An Argo-Cat fan


Lumsden, McKay-Loescher, Bauman, Reid; probably only the first 2 see much playing time but you never know; MLB should be an interesting battle - Moreno or one of the other guys with some NFL resume probably get the nod, but like to see Barrenechea get another real shot to play with his CFL experience now - be nice to see somebody step-up and be a play-making force at the position.

I'm interested in seeing what JoJo walker can do...

Pigskin Pete!

Charlie Taaffe
Mike Working
Jeff Bleamer
eD O'eil

They will dictate how the team does!

  1. Tay Cody; just because I love to watch the way this guy plays....good old fashioned smash-mouth Steeltown football.

  2. Kwame Cavil; want to see him utilized for a change.

  3. Richie Williams; from what I saw last year the kid's got some raw talent.

  4. (Tie); Rob Hitchcock because he bleeds black and gold; Timmy Chang to see if he can live up to the hype; Rocky Butler to see if he can prove his detractors wrong.

I’m interested to see…

Jason Mass- with all of the changes that have been made(and hopefully recovering from his surgery)
Corey Holmes
Jesse Lumsden
Richie Williams- if he gets a chance to play again

Tay Cody - Such a joy to watch last year
Jason Maas - fingers crossed
Jesse Lumsden - Hoping for a break through
Brock Ralph - Hoping for a break out year



  1. Jason Maas

  2. Jason Maas

  3. Jason Maas

  4. Jason Maas


I might add.

IMO, this comment is more profound
than it may seem on first reading it. :smiley: