What 3 QB's will be left standing.

I am going with , maas, chang, butler.

If I were to bet at this point, I'd go with that as well. Remains to be seen of course how they perform during TC and exhibition games. Park Williams on the injured list or practise roster, and maybe deal King to someone who needs QB help (Winnipeg?).

I just hope the staff gives them all an equal shot, or as close to equal as possible, and chooses the best three based on performance and potential.

williams on practise roster

This is how I see it coming out of camp barring injury. After that...who knows.

#1 Maas
#2 Butler
#3 King

Practice Roster: Chang

Out of the Picture: Williams

  1. Maas
  2. King
  3. Chang

PR. Williams

I am with '1tccat' and 'hendy77' and maybe they will deal Mr. Butler before the start of the regular season to Winnipeg.

Just a shot in the dark ...

  • paul

Was at practise this morning, Chang looked pretty impressive...he was throwing nice spirals and seemed to always find the open man......my picks would be Maas, Chang and King......


Call me crazy, but......


It depends if Maas’ contract allows him to be cut or not, if it does then he clearly needs to be the number one quarterback. If he doesn’t produce then King, Chang and Williams.

Starter: King
Backup: Chang
3rd String: Butler (he will help tutor Chang to read CFL defences)

Practice Roster: Richie Williams

Traded or cut during training camp: Maas.

#3-Butler(we will not get rid of him becuase we traded big time for him)

Williams is on the practice roster

King will get cut because if you arnt good enough for a AFL team your career is pretty much done

IF it’s even POSSIBLE to have an OPINION after watching 1 Rookie Camp Session then it looks like Butler is the WEAKEST LINK of the 5 Arms I saw today …

Chang actually made an IMPRESSION on me.
Maas looked OK but he threw the most INT’s.
Both Richie and Shaun threw well.

It’s not that Butler is horrible … just the bottom of the bunch is all.


Maas's play last year was poor maybe he was home sick or injured but when your being paid $400,000 per year he will start the season if he can't do the job he will be gone.King is 30 years old it will be his time to step up and lead the team if he falters he's gone.Chang Butler,and Williams are still young and can develop.Butler could be traded.I like Chang for the future and Williams on practice roster.But time will tell and with the short training camp plus two preseason games time is short!

Maas isn’t going anywhere they have too much invested in the guy and after his showing last season he isn’t worth the paper the trade agreement would be written on. I really like him and what he did in Edmonton and really hope he steps up and leads this team into a successful season.

I dunno about Butler, to me I believe they gave too much up to just release the guy and he is a proven backup and there are a few teams out there looking for strong backups…Calgary, and Winnepeg are 2 examples.

Personally I think it will be…

  1. Maas

  2. King

  3. Butler

  4. Chang (practice roster)

I would LOVE to see Chang get a roster spot. After watching his game footage he has talent he is young and can be groomed into an amazing CFL star. I think that they have 5 great QB’s I dunno what is going to happen in the next few days.

Moss for now, by the end of the year Cha,Cha, Chang will be the guy

I say: MAAS

      CHANG AND BUTLER WILL BE CUT. <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Chang will NOT be cut.

IMO The new ball last year had a effect on a few QB'S . Now I understand the old ball is back.

The coaching staff will not keep somebody "just because we have too much invested". CFL contracts are not gauranteed.

If a player is not playing better than the next...the best will be kept.

Like others have pointed out, it's hard to predict untill a couple of games have been played.

I think, at this point in time, we may see it as...




We may even see someone else yet who will be put on the practise roster.