Whaaaaaaaaaaaat are you DOING, Wally?!?

Buono is one of the best coaches ever in the CFL, but punting on first down?!? Why not at least TRY and gain a couple of yards? From a fan's point of view, I don't like the thought of a game being won on a punt going through the endzone, but I can understand why you'd do it from a coach's point of view. Still, Buono basically needed McCallum to punt it 70 yards. Even with the wind, that's a lot to ask ... Why not at least TRY to move the ball forward on 1st and 2nd down?!? Even by just running it!

costed them the game, what a game this was.

Wally make, big Mistake…thats what happens when you take advice from a Rider Kicker who has had crap thrown on his front lawn…poor Wally…

Yup, it did ... Buono was gifted a brilliant chance to win that game in OT, and - although who knows what would have happened on 1st and 2nd downs - I think he blew it.

I think he blew it as well.
Its one of those Hero if it works, Goat if it doesn't plays

Unusual to see Buono of all people have a brain cramp.......guess no one's perfect...

McCallum could've just kick the field goal. He could've made it, too, because he has been hot all season. There was less ricks involved for kicking a field goal than trying to punt 55 yards and not allowing the Riders to run the ball out.

One of the worst coaching calls in CFL history.

Thanks to Buono, who, with one of the worst calls in the CFL this year, allowed the Riders to pull out the second overtime win. With Pierce playing so well there was no reason to punt on first down.

Had BC tried a field goal there it would have only been 42 yards with the wind, versus a 70+ yard punt.

Sure there was reason... How else was saskatchewan going to win?? lol- it was an error... when i saw him call it i went 'man this guy maybe an idiot or a genius'... guess it was the first one on this occasiong.

I only saw the 2nd half of the game, but it was by far the best game of the week. Buono took a gamble and lost, much like Higgins did the 2004 Western Semi-final against the Riders

You are all wrong! The real story behind the story is that Wally wanted to put another nail in the Eskies coffin of missing the playoffs by giving the Riders a chance at the win. At least that is the conspiracy theory I have come up with because why else would he call such a bone headed play! :wink:

B.C. had the game won. Why not run a play or 2 and then kick a field goal? McCallum has been automatic this year. Our D deserved the win tonight and Wally tossed it away. Is there any doubt that Pierce is the best backup in the league?

Back up...he's better than Mr made of Glass Dickenson...fur sure ..

I think BC is going to have to platoon DD and Bucky. Dave never seems to last even a full game this year. Split the haves to keep him healthy enough for the playoffs when he really will be needed.

I would like to know what was going though Wally mind, honestly, what he did tonight was ridiculous, insane, idiotic, completely lacking in logic!

a one way ticket for Worst Coach of the year nomination for sure!

What on one mistake? The I guess your dad should be fired! Kidding! Really :lol: :lol: no not really ok yes I am kidding! No I am confused!

Here, RW, is the sistuation.

Your team has the ball, it's in OT, the other team just falied to score, you have a good wind with you, it's gonna be 1st and 10, you can either gamble, punt and hope for a single and the win, or take 2 downs, get into a better posistion, and play it safe by maybe closer to a grareeteed Single or FG, and the win.

what do you do?

What Wally did was most likely wrong! But if it had worked he would be a hero. Wally does this from time to time and it use to drive me crazy when he was with the stamps! Fire your dad yet! ha ha ha