I can't understand why sometimes it works and sometimes it sends me back to the password screen when i click submit. Help !!!!!!!!

That's happened to me a few times, after I've logged in and written a long posting or answer and then hit submit, it send me to the log in screen and what I wrote disappears, so now I right-click copy what I write, before I hit submit if it's a long answer.

Its happened to me a few times as well

it does seem to log you out automatically quite quickly if you dont have your post typed in a few minutes...My problem is that when I log on it marks all posts read even if i never read half of them in previous log ins.

This site is weird because not everyone have the same problems. I'm never logged off unless I clean the cookies on my CPU. But I was never able to vote in the front page pols, and I know most of you can.

I get booted during a post a lot, especially if I have to talk to someone mid-post.... and yeah, I have everything marked as read if I log in again afterwards, so I really don't know what I've read and what I haven't. Nothing to really complain about, but still..... vaguely annoying.

im in the exact same boat as 3rd and ten. and I log on on different computers and stuff. But i am always logged in at home. I just can't do those pesky polls.
I am just not authorized.

Not that it really matters, though...

I'd rather have them work on the statistic engine rather than on the polling feature.

agreed, maybe during the winter, when they have no incoming statistics, and nothing really happens in the league untill at least feb, they could do that. I mean the only thing happening on this site between grey cup and free agent deadline will be all you guys bitching at us REider fans, and us Rider fans claiming the 2006 grey cup

Thanks for all the replies guys. At least I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

I have that happen to me all the time too but I don't lose what I typed. If you just log in again after you've typed your post and then hit the back button to where your unsubmitted post is you can still submit it . Works for me every time.

It doesn't work like that for me pennw, that's what I try, and when I hit the back button, everything is wiped out, so now I right click copy it before I hit submit.

while choosing your option, keep the CTRL key pressed until the whole page loads. Your problem is caused by an ad/popup blocker tand pressing the CTRL key tells these apps to let ads/popup go through.

Snowy, you rock. I just tried that and it worked. Tell me, are you really Sandra Bullock, from that wonderfull movie “The Net” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for your fantasies, I am a man!

Glad I could help.

I was kidding man. The Net was a crappy movie. I just remembered that Sandra Bullock would find a back-door to the FBI's system, by holding CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE while clicking on the "Pi" symbol at the bottom of some useless music store website, and I was like "Why the hell would anyone try that anyways?".

Your suggestion of holding keys while voting made that memory pop-up .

Working in IT, I also noticed other mistakes such as IP adresses with bigger numbers than 255 such as 234.384.2.12

wow! what a hack!

But I guess the IP thing would be like phone numbers starting with 555.. just so you don't target something already existing.