Wh to keep ? 2013_CFL_Expansion_Draft

Well this won't be that tough as there just is not hat much talent here .


Round one: Import Draft

Existing teams may protect one quarterback and ten additional import players, while only being able to select, at maximum, two quarterbacks in the draft. If a quarterback is selected from a team, that team may protect an additional two non-import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. If a kicker or punter is selected from a team, that team may protect one additional non-import player in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one import player from each existing team in this round.

Round two: Non-Import Draft

Existing teams may protect six total non-import players, including the team's one protected quarterback and one protected kicker/punter. If a quarterback was selected in the Import Draft, eight total non-import players may be protected. If a kicker or punter was selected in the Import Draft, seven total non-import players may be protected. If a non-import kicker or punter is to be selected, it must be done in this round and, if so, that team will be able to protect an additional two non-import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one non-import player from each existing team in this round.

I woud keep the following guys
Not much talent here



1.Breaux, Delvin
2. Moore, Terrence
3.McCollough, Evan
4 Bowman, Marcellus
5 Harris, Erik
6 Ellingson, Greg
7 Norwood, Eric
8 Johnson, Jamall
9 Grant, Bakari
10 Marshall, Craig


Dyakowski, Peter
Wojt, Greg
Stephen, Courtney
Fantuz, Andy
Rockhill, Carson

Who to keep ? The way things are going this year half of these guys will probably be gone before the draft even takes place. Lets just get through this season first,before we start speculating on who to keep and dump at the expansion draft.

It's very tough to do this right now.

With the confidentiality of contracts, we are not 100% sure who is and who isn't under contract past this year.

You won't have to protect anyone who will be a free agent.

Also, when is the draft? That could throw a wrench in this as well because it means that you might have to protect a free agent that you just signed.

I don't have the exact date, but I think that it will be in the second week of December 2013.



So based on this, we would need to see who is in their last year of their contract. Ottawa isn't going to pick these guys up because there is no guarantee that they will sign with them.

Ottawa is not going to get very good players. They will be getting either the young inexperienced guys and some old guys who aren't as effective as they once were but still get paid good money.

Most of the team won't be of interest to Ottawa. They just aren't very good, no better or worse than a thousand other guys. The only really interesting question is who do you protect amongst the QBs? Burris is still very good but he'll be 39. I doubt if the backups would garner more interest than guys like Levi Mitchell or Zach Colleros.

An Argo-Cat fan

The draft will be held on December 12,2013.


Assuming no one does anything silly like leave their staring QB unprotected, it seems almost certain that Calgary will lose a QB in the draft. The interesting question will be who they protect - likely either Tate of Levi Mitchell, depending on how the season progresses and whether Tate shows some durability. I can't imagine a scenario where Calgary protects Glenn.

Desjardins the RedBlack GM is getting a great look at these young QB’s,
There is no way that Bo Levi gets exposed IMHO.
It was reported that both Hufnagal and Dave Dickenson are real high on Bo Levi
The look he got at Zach Colleros last night must have him salivating!
Right now I would think it is between Tate and Colleros.
Lets not forget Desjardins ties with Adrian Macpherson with the Als
I would think he would sign him for sure.
The RedBlacks will be looking pretty good at the QB position
The other positions, like “O” Line and Defense, not so much

They could trade one of the two before the draft or use it to protect an extra two Canadians. Either way they will get compensated.

I wrote that the draft will be December 12,2013 but,according to The Ottawa Citizen, it will be December 16,2013.


Judging by how that "BUFFOON' DeJardin bumbled things up when he was here,he'll probably try to get Maas to come out of retirement,and sign Printers as his two Q.B's.Good luck to the REDBLACKS...aka...The CheckerBoards,with this clown in charge.......remember he was the one who traded D.J.Flick and W.Smith for q.b. Rocky Butler....remember him...didn't think so!! Also traded T.Davis for J.Maas....that worked out well !! Brought in Casey and his bag of popcorn,yup the REDBLACKS got a real winner when they signed this guy as G.M. Good luck to them....I hope they do okay,but this guy would screw up a two car funeral :lol: :wink:

You're right Richard. The league announced this week the change of date from Thursday, the 12th to Monday, Dec. 16th.