WGP vs Mont

Will be harder to pull off a win without Moore. This is too much like the Watson situation. Every time I think he’s about to break out he gets hurt, again. :thdn:

I agree, it's more like he's a guest performer in our little sitcom than a regular star. At this point it's more of a shrug than doom and gloom to me. Denmark and Adams can and need to step up, Nichols started to show some comfort level throwing to Kohlert and hit that beauty to Feoli-Gudino, and Veltung has had his moments stepping in earlier this season for Moore as well.

Sounds like we will be facing Jonathan Crompton instead of Tanner Marsh, no Cato still. Crompton started out the season just awful before getting hurt, hopefully he hasn't magically recovered his winning ways from 2014 during the recovery time. Given how disjointed the Als offense has been and now you have a QB switch and new co-OCs, I have no idea what to expect from them.

Game could come down to our Oline giving Nichols enough time to find his receivers and also provide some semblance of a run game to help with clock management. Curious if they make a change to 3 international OLine this week now that Selvish Capers will have time to practice and drop back down to 7 National starter.

D - Fence, we will need them to have another big game.

If Winnipeg can stop the run or unless Montreal stops running on their own, that happens a lot. They have a good chance.

Who is starting for the ALS....Go Go Cato.... Crompton, or Marsh??? I'd say that will make a bit of a difference BUT we have to keep our own offence playing like we left off last game...Mont. has a very good D but ours has been making some noise of late...I expect a close game and with Nichols playing as well as he has, we could edge them out in this one...We shall see.. :roll:

IMO this game will likely dictate if there is a crossover or not. Big game for both teams.

Crompton took 1st team reps on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Hence, he is the starter for Sunday.

Marsh looked bad (to put it mildly) the last game at home against BC. No way he was going to start this week if there are other options.

Cato left the team on August 31 to go back home to Florida as a close family member was apparently involved in a serious car accident. He returned to practice yesterday September 17th. Between those two dates, the Als fired their OC and implemented some differences in the offense. Furthermore, Cato did not workout the time he was gone. Right now, Cato is on the Disabled List. If the Als think Cato is able to play, he will be moved to the Active Roster.

Popp did officially confirm Crompton as the starter for the Als. I would have been shocked if they went with Cato. Best chance to win but with the personal leave and the fact he's been back for only a couple of practices, probably for the best he watches and only plays if he has to at the moment. Plus there's the question of whether that hip flexor issue he had has resolved. The switch at OC is probably not a big factor in holding him out as he's familiar with Dinwiddie and Calvillo and the playbook probably hasn't changed all that much, at least not yet.

Our D has been getting better. We started the season in/near the bottom of a lot of the statistical categories, including sacks. Now we've moved into the middle of the pack. Progress in the right direction and should continue to do so as long as the offense can continue to find some drives under Nichols.

Interesting to note Nick Moore practiced today, could be a go for the game. He could be the only roster change from last game I think if he can't go.

Nick can't go although there's a little disagreement on his readiness...Apparently Moore told some of the players he was ready but O'Shea put the kibosh on it....Could be that he's not a 100 percent and we're being cautious...Aside from this story I'm getting the feeling we have another Watson on the club...can't stay healthy and this club needs a guy of Moores ability to stay healthy...at least for more than one complete game...He's certainly not going to command the kind of money we signed him for in fa when next year rolls around... sooooo it could be a parting of the ways for us and Nick..I;m pretty sure we'll be on the hunt for a top-notch receiver next year...either in fa or trade.

Nichol is just miles ahead of our previous backups.

The Bombers need to respond before this gets out of hand.

Receivers need to catch the ball :roll:

It's why they get paid!

...We seem to be flat as a pancake for this one...one we should have been a little more prepared for...I think this club is in transition again and the way we're playing....not looking much better than the riders....we need it. :wink:

No one is stepping up and making the big plays needed.To many drops by receivers, no big returns, inconsistent RBs.I don't know how much of it has to do with our play calling.Again special teams is hurting us big time.

Special teams is a complete joke. Our Defence is actually playing well again. With zero support from the Off. and special teams it really doesn't matter!

…Oh but special teams is in good hands with Mike O , who is now the special teams guy…I want to see him gone and follow his buddy Walters to hell out of here. :x

Another rebuild ? I guess we have no choice. The Bombers better start discounting tickets for next year or they won't get 22 k. They owe the fans a lot !

....You are certainly right about the last line kasps.. :thup:

This will be an interesting off season.I agree about OShea.He needs to be held accountable for this.Walters has done alot of good in my opinion.It will take years to turn this ship around and I think he has us headed in the right direction. I am very disappointed in the game today.We got schooled by a middle of the pack team.It should have been a tight game, but the conclusion was evident from the 1st quarter. I left to do yard work in the 3rd quarter, enough said :roll: