WF And EF Attendance so far:

Looks like it is going to be rockin in BC Place and Montreal’s Big Owe for the finals : According to Glenn Suitor , as of to-day over 42000 tickets have been sold in Montreal and according to Farhan Lalji , BC is over 36000 as of yesterday . It will be interesting which one of these clubs ends up with the highest attendance figure .--------- Regardless, it is nice to see such great numbers. ---- 5 more selling days to go.

Our owner is going to be a happy man. That 50 000 crowd makes all the difference to the bottom line in Montreal.

Click below for tickets for both the East and West Final,

47000 sold in Montreal as of to-day --------Lets hope for 50,000 plus .

Read a tweet that Lions are up to 43k.

Disappointing that there will probably not be any sellouts at all for any playoff games.

Still though, it shows how far the CFL has come in the last ten years , I can remember the days that if the playoffs drew 100,000 fans for all the playoff's (semi's and finals) that was pretty good, now we are drawing this year at least , 150,000 plus , not bad , its taken time , but progress is being made. AND on top of the 150,000 fans for the semi's and finals there is the huge payday for the GC game-------my estimation for that game in ticket sales alone ,is upwards of $20,000,000 ---That is a best guess on my part .

Al's had 58k 2 years ago... so... this would be a disappointment.

58 000 would be nice to see but anything over 50 000 in Montreal is a success in my mind, The Lions might not make it to 50 000 which is a disappointing, from what i've been reading on all year long is that the Lions are over pricing their tickets, so say 45 000 with a high priced ticket is just as good as 50 000 with cheaper tickets. Anyways we shall see,maybe they both will get big walk up crowds and they will both be over or at 50 000

To Mr Pike:

You estimate that the ticket sales for the Grey Cup will bring upwards to $20. millions, meaning that the average ticket would have to be roughly $365.00, excluding taxes.

I say your unreal estimate is off by at least $8 millions.


How can the attendances at the finals could be a disappointment?

Last year numbers were 30,051 in Winnipeg and 41,313 in BC; this year it should reach roughly 50,000 both in Montreal and Vancouver. Very good numbers! Almost 30,000 more than last year, in total.


really?!! 50k + would not be any disappointment at all. To break even they need to draw just over 30k if I am not mistaken.

50k + inside that stadium will be a positive in terms of revenue, noise and atmosphere. And with 24 hours to go, they may well get over 50k + wih a walk up crowd.

I may be high Richard, as I said it was a best guess/estimation on my part, I don't think I am 8 million high though , the Rogers centre holds about 52,500 for CFL football and I know for a fact that tickets in the 500 level were selling for $300.00 plus . So, once the private boxes and tickets prices in the 100 and 200 levels are averaged in, the estimate of $365 average ticket price may not be far off.

Also don't forget about the food, and party revenue they'll be getting.

Why are you (and Mikem from Hamilton/Florida) such a negative-ninny? Why is a crowd of over 50,000 "a disappointment?" I think you just want to criticize the CFL for some reason. I realize that supposedly 52,000 fans pay $150 to watch the Bills in Toronto, blah, blah, blah...that a wonderful fantasy, but has nothing to do with the CFL. :roll:

Two well attended, exciting games. A great day for the CFL.

My Golds on the 50+ yd line in the 500 level were $250.