We've Got Some proof of Lost Interest Right Here

The action on this board has been as slow this last week as it usually is in the deeps of off-season. Few posters, almost no anonymous visitors. We've got major problems for the 'Cats folks. Even the die-hards have lost it.... sort of like me.

8) You know Mark, I noticed that same thing myself. Very, very quite on here for sure !!
  You're right, interest is certinly starting to wane  with this team  !!!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 A bad sign for sure  !!!

The lack of internet activity just reflects what's been going on in the stands for at least a couple of years now. Go to a game these days and the mood of the crowd alternates between apathy and cynicism. It is not very enjoyable.

An Argo-Cat fan

these forms have sucked the past few weeks. you can go hours with only one or two new posts right now and its not fun.

My guess is that people are tired of reading the same 5 posts from the same 12 people who use this forum...just a guess though.

I agree that a ton of interest has been lost. I used to be able to get a gaggle of my cronies (6-12) out to at least one or two games a year. I tried this weekend since the forecast is for decent weather but no takers. Not even one !!!! Since the wife will be hawking her girl guide cookies this weekend and doing the sleepover with her Girl Guides I guess that I will have another spare ticket that goes for naught.

So sad after 5 years of waiting. When I used to have 4 seasons tix one year I had 26 to redeem for the last game and I couldn't give them away. This year with only 2 tix I will still have 14-16 for that last game. Maybe instead of a new Traditions Club we the current season ticket holders will be welcomed into a new Sympathies Club :>)))

Anybody know a good charity that will actually use them ??? since I expect that same amount of interest from my groupies for the last game as this one ???


I usually give mine to big brothers ,big sisters.


Or just a sign people are sick and tired of reading [i]the same thing over and over and over again.:

Fire him, no, wait, fire him instead, cut him, sign him, do this, dont do that, he's and idiot, bench him ,start him, should have hired him.[/i]

And tired of "fans" who said theyve quit and/or given up on the team yet still post in here and expect to be taken seriously.

After awhile it just starts to get tedious.


There's nothing to talk about besides losing.....and enough of us are tired of it already. Doesn't help when Kenton Keith isn't even playing tomorrow....

Have you ever tried to get someone to accompany you to a really bad movie? Or a really bad restaurant?

Of course interest is dropping, here and at the gate - the product hasn't been good enough for too long.

Traffic on this forum means little to nothing - the 50 people that contribute 90% of the posts aren't going to keep the team solvent if they all attend, or put it under if they all quit. It's the 25,000 that aren't on here but buy tickets they need to worry about.

Anybody with even a dash of sense knows that enough losing will erode attendance - this isn't an obligation, that's the way it should work. This isn't some flaw in the people of Hamilton - this isn't one bad season, it's been a terrible decade. Why shoouldn't there be lots of empty seats.

Some people will say that real fans will endure any level of suffering, and maybe they believe that, but that just sets the "real fan" bar way too high for normal people. Some will say they'll go under if they aren't supported - well, that would be most unfortunate but it's the price any business pays if they offer a bad product year after year after year. Most fans with more than a passing interest and even a shred of character will ride out normal ups and downs, but if there's too much down... I have confidence that Cats management understands this.

This is a rant, yes, but I don't think it's a negative one. I just think people need to chill - if you have faith that the Cats will bounce back (I do, 100%), then have faith that the errant members of Tigertown will pick them up on the rebound.

I'm not going to worry until the Cats have two .500 or better seasons and the gate hasn't improved significantly - that's what the bad old days looked like. Until then, I'll just enjoy the extra leg room.

It keeps you coming back.

it can be lonely debating with yourself.

Zontar: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well..if you don't like what you read, post something nice to make us all think or debate.
You should try it sometime Zontar.

Bunni, if you debating yourself that would make you the "Master Debator" would it not. Sorry just had to do it :smiley:

good one

We already know our Fate this year .. 2 Wins ..
What is the point of posting alot ..
I cut back on Posting
Normally you can see 3 to 5 post a day from me.
I Am Tired Can't wait for it end .
I even Quit going to practices Cause I am tired

As I Said What is the Point when we know our Fate 2 wins
we have More games away Then Home.
Kind Glad we only have 2 more Home Horror Games Left thank god.
I will go put all the Ticats Stuff in Cedar Chest Till next April.
What I Will Watch now US Collage Ball Texas is Playing well .

Yeah cause its really difficult to hit the "new topic" button and contribute.

ive lost interest on talking about the cats.. but i still read all your posts.. i jus.. idk.. speechless i guesse. im jus tired n frustraded n sick of getting my hopes up every year saying the same thing about players, coaches, rules, refs, the game in genral.. idk.. dont get me wrong i love my cats and love the cfl jus im not letting myself get all excited for ntohing.. i guesse the cats to me now act like a habit.. im use to it.. until somthing proves me wrong or sets me sstraight.

show us somthing cats!.. i use toi post on here daily.. hourly even lol.. im still die hard i jus dont know what else to talk about nemore.. sorry